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The Information Broker in the Information Age

Information is a commodity — and in this thing called life that Shakespeare referred to as “a stage” there are no small roles, only small mindsets.

Whether your job is answering phones and addressing questions on the best way to send out a postal package, writing for a how-to blog, providing tax tips or dispensing advice to the lovelorn, folks depend on you and your expertise to guide their decisions, devise their “Plan B”, avoid mental wear and tear, and ultimately live better. Click Here to Read Article …

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8 Ways to Get Motivated When You Have a Bad Boss

It seems in the wonderful world of work there’s always a trade-off. You love the location, but the commute sucks. The pay is great, but the hours are gruelling. In a perfect world you could choose your “options” like amenities that come with a new car or a newly constructed home.

Yet just because you work in less than ideal conditions, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of your work day and survive the insanity. Particularly, a supervisor who works your nerves and wreaks havoc with your peace of mind. Click Here to Read Article …

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5 Ways to Motivate Your Boss

Everybody knows as a matter of reference, that worker bees need to be motivated. Since days of old, psychologists and behaviorists have theorized, hypothesized, and studied the effects of workplace productivity and why we do what we do. Not to mention, there must be hundreds of books devoted to this timely topic.

Of course it doesn’t take “rocket science” to realize that most folks respond well to rewards, positive feedback and perks. That’s a given. Click Here to Read Article …

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