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Busting Your Performance Bottlenecks at Work

As a boss, I sometimes have to listen to a member of my team explain why something went horribly wrong. As as a business owner, I also have to ease the concerns of clients who have been burned by vendors in the past. And as a human being, I hate being on the hot seat myself. Worrying about things that could go wrong on a project can seize your brain. Just as Steven Covey counsels professionals to get task lists out of their heads and on paper, I’m finding my head has more room for creativity if I know that I’ve got a “Plan B” for any situation. Click Here to Read Article …

Planning an Unconventional Home Office Setup

I’ve had a home office for the past ten years. During that time, my wife and I have moved four times. Besides working full time at jobs we love, Lori and I also run our own side hustles: I write, and she creates art and jewelry. Juggling all that leaves little room for a social life, especially in the suburbs. That’s why we traded a bigger space for a shorter commute. Click Here to Read Article …

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Put the Sleeper Hold on Boring Meetings

Productivity gurus love to pick on lame meetings.

But let’s be realistic…even top creative professionals have to endure meetings with clients or with project teams. Taking ownership of your work means taking responsibility for the quality of your meetings. Click Here to Read Article …