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Five Ways to Beat the Morning Slog

Morning Slog

As a self-confessed nightbird, I can empathize strongly with those who struggle to fight the waves of sleep that hit upon waking up, making the morning routine more of slog course than a stroll. It can become very tempting to stay in bed, but therein lies a vicious cycle entailing loss of productivity and sleeplessness. So, the solution I reckoned was to spend less time preparing to get ready, both mentally and physically.

Being a practical person, I identified the weak-points of my own routine, and can now offer 5 tips for those who want to make the transition from horizontally asleep to vertically awake (and therefore productive) much smoother. These can apply regardless of whether you’re a commuter to work, a freelancer at home, or just want to make more use of the precious hours at the weekend. Click Here to Read Article …

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