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Management Isn’t Just For Managers

In a cube farm, you typically hear the word manage when the boss comes around. The boss talks about needing to manage projects or employees or whatever else needs managing that day.

In many cases, you only see your boss when you fail to meet expectations, or they know that there is some deadline approaching. This also inspires fear in many employees because your manager only appears when something is wrong.

What if you had a different relationship? What about your peers? Do they know what to expect from you when you work together? All of these things require management. You need to manage your boss, your coworkers and your career.

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Balancing Work And Social Media Addiction

So, you have a normal 9 to 5 job. You are also addicted to social media like FriendFeed, Twitter and the rest. How do you balance your activities so nothing really suffers?

The first thing you must do is figure out what type of commitment you want to make to your social media sites. You can pick a few of your favorite social sites to focus on. If your day job is sitting in a cube or corporate office somewhere, then you will need to limit your activity in some way. If you want to be like Robert Scoble or Louis Gray, you will have to give up some sleep to stay active on several sites.

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