Are You Getting Paid Enough? Do a Salary Comparison

Sure, it sounds like the start of a hokey pyramid scheme – but unless your office is very transparent about salaries, it’s hard to know if you are in the top, middle, or bottom of what you should be earning.

Money isn’t everything, and you’ve been able to help your company through the economic downturn.  Are you curious to find out if you are being valued appropriately by your current employer?

Here’s a list of salary comparison links that might help you get an idea of what you are, or should be, earning:

American-focused, and broken down by state and by profession.  Salary wizard is handy to give you an answer for the “expected salary” question in your next interview

Based out of Seattle, WA, but providing info for jobs around the world.  They provide a free customized salary report or you can upgrade to the more detailed version for $19.95.  You can evaluate your current offer, or see what your current market value is.  Claim to represent 100,000 employers

While the design folks might cringe at this site, there’s some decent info if you drill down a bit.  Good links to salary surveys for quite a few different vocations.

A new site and it looks like it will have good info once it gets some traction and the info gets populated.  Available in different regions (US, Europe, South Asia) Full disclosure: I have written a few articles for them, but they are still looking for more.

A quick and easy way to match your current salary up against the rest of the IT workers in the US.  If you aren’t in the US, or aren’t in IT – you might find value in some of their whitepapers, and that value might be a cost effective alternative to your sleeping pills

Once you’ve looked at your salary, stroll over to this site to find out how you rank among the world’s richest, and once you’ve done that…

Give Half

Apparently some rich folks – a couple named Bill and Melinda Gates and Jimmy Buffet’s older brother Warren – have come up with an idea to encourage the ultra-rich folks around the planet to pony up a hefty donation.  A billion here, a billion there – pretty soon you’re talking about real money!

So the next time you’re wondering if you’re getting paid what your worth, check out a few of these links.

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