What Are You Doing to Impress Your Customers?

What do you do to show your current clients the difference between you and your competition?

There seem to be two schools of thought on this topic:

  • Do an excellent job on exactly what the client is looking for;
  • Do a good job on the project, and provide additional value as a bonus.

I got to thinking about this after reading about optimizing your freelance career, especially the reference to “undepromise and overdeliver.”

Do people try and compensate for a perceived shortcoming – maybe they are concerned about their grammar or the originality of their concepts – by adding in additional value?  Does a client look at the job and think, “Well, the concept is ok, but we’ve got three pages of web copy that we weren’t expecting – hooray!” or “Wow – brilliant concept, I know we didn’t ask for more, but it would have been nice to get a few more pages of copy”?

Have you found that it is better to deliver “excellence” to your customers and nothing else, or provide” acceptable” with bonus material?

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  1. GabrielR on the 20th July

    And why not excellence AND bonus material? That should work… 😉

  2. Rob on the 20th July

    Interesting concept…provide regular with bonus concept. I always try to give realistic industry standards…and then blow them away. In my opinion working online, I always put a ton of emphasis on communication. So many people fail to step in the worlds of the people they are serving. If I take extra care to get in their world…to communicate well…then whatever I provide is exceptional because I have a relationship to build, fix and work from. Just my experience! Good post.

    PS. Does this post really have 3676 retweets or is something on the fritz there? Glad to help if I can…have plenty of experience with plugins.

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