Awesome Links #22: On Distraction, Stress Relief, Reminders

This week’s edition features a discussion on how to relieve stress without putting stress on your pocketbook — and project management and to-do app referrals (usual suspects here at WorkAwesome) also make an appearance. In addition, if you found yourself distracted while you were reading this introduction, you’ll definitely want to check out our first “awesome link”.

On Distraction

This is a superb article by renowned writer Alain De Botton on one of the perils of this modern age: the significant loss in the new generation’s ability to focus. See if you can read it at one go without getting distracted (found via Matt Mullenweg‘s blog).

Low-Cost Methods for Stress Relief

I’m sure dealing with stress isn’t a new thing for most of you. It’s an integral part of our lives in this information age, and we need to learn to deal with it effectively. Trent from The Simple Dollar has an article on how he deals with it. Apart from meditating and exercising, the article does have some unique tips.

REMINDERS! is a To-Do App That Forces You to Act

In case a to-do list isn’t enough for you and you need to be reminded of each task, REMINDERS! for iPhone and iPod touch could prove useful. As mentioned by Lifehacker, the tool sends action-focused reminders to help you act on your tasks immediately.

4 Project Management Apps That Will Rock Your Mobile Device

A solid list of project management apps for your mobile device by Web Worker Daily. The article is unique in the sense that it focuses on tools for mobile project management, which a lot of managers have to do these days (i.e staying on top of their projects through their mobile devices).

Why I Don’t Cook at Home

And finally, here’s a nice comic by none other than The Oatmeal. Take it with a grain of salt, of course. Unless you don’t have salt at home because you don’t cook there, either.

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