Awesome Links #23: Portable Apps, Crowdsourcing, Get Rich Quick

In this week’s Awesome Links, we’re featuring links that discuss podcasts, portability and pennies (as in the truth about gathering pennies quickly).

How to Create Portable Version of Any Program in Windows Using Cameyo

If you are a fan of portable tools, which don’t need installation and can be run from a thumb drive, then you’ll find this tutorial on Guiding Tech extremely useful. It shows how you can convert just about any program into a portable app. This means you can stop wasting time on installing each and every program from now on, and convert it to executables that can be run with just a click.

18 Tasks You Can Crowdsource

The Web Worker Daily blog has a nice list of tasks you can crowdsource, and the corresponding sites and services where you can get them done. Crowdsourcing, as a way of getting things done, has been gaining quite a bit of momentum in the past few months. Many such sites have emerged that help tap into a pool of skilled professionals to get projects completed. Try some of them out for your next big task and see how it works.

13 Podcasts to Help Freelancers Succeed
With the launch of our own podcast this week at WorkAwesome, I thought including this article by Freelance Folder in this week’s awesome links made sense. Moreover, a lot of the podcasts in the list seem to include content that might be useful for everyone who’s looking to get better at their work.

SimpleTask Manages and Syncs Your Tasks Between Your Mac and iPhone

Lifehacker discovered this nifty tool called SimpleTask, which helps people manage and sync their to-dos between their Mac and iPhone/iPod touch. The tool has a simple user interface that’s easy to navigate and get familiar with. Check it out.

The Truth About Getting Rich Quick

And lastly, we have Sonia Simone over at Copyblogger elaborating on the fundamental truth about getting rich, which has stayed the same since hundreds of years. And trust me — this is an important post. The internet, while creating a lot of work opportunities, has also created an illusion among the masses who don’t understand it well that one can get rich quick using this medium. Why do you think the get-rich-quick scams just keep increasing in number? One needs to know that no matter what the medium of earning is that a “get rich quick” thing, in the legal and ethical work domain, doesn’t exist.

Abhijeet Mukherjee is the editor of Guiding Tech, a blog that publishes in-depth articles and tutorials on all things tech, including mobile news and tutorials. He's been into web working since 2008 and continues to enjoy each day of it. He loves to interact with people so hit him up on Twitter.


  1. thuis bijverdienen on the 17th December

    These are good links you found!

    I like “The Truth About Getting Rich Quick” the best.

    Sonia Simone has some great points in that post.


  2. artikel tornado on the 5th January

    I agree! Great Info, but Sonia Simone got me thinking…

    Great links and nice to read. Thanks!

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