Awesome Links #33: Free PC Software, Circadian Rhythms, Todo.txt

This week’s Awesome Links includes free software for the new PC user, new Gmail Labs features and using a plain-text editor as a to-do list to get more done.

Top 10 Free Software To Install On Your New Windows PC
Setting up a new Windows PC isn’t usually a productive exercise. There’s loads of new stuff to install, obsolete factory-installed apps to get rid of and other such tasks that could easily eat up your entire day. This post at Guiding Tech on things you should install on a new Windows computer is worth bookmarking. It lists some time-saving tools for new PC owners.

Circadian Rhythms: The Key to Boosting Your Energy And Productivity
The Life Optimizer blog talks about how to make the most out of chunks of productive time during a 24 hour period. The writer highlights the importance of finding out the time of the day when you are likely to get the maximum done, and making sure you utilize it well. Worth a read.

New in Labs: Unread Message Icon
Gmail introduced a cool new Labs feature called Unread Message Icon. As the name suggests, it lets you see the number of unread emails without actually visiting the Gmail tab in the browser. Most of us have Gmail open in a browser tab all day, and we tend to peek into it frequently just to see if any new email has arrived. This feature should take care of that habit…and make you more productive, too.

Why I Get More Done with a Plain Text To-Do List
Kevin Purdy – Lifehacker’s contributing editor – talks about why he made the switch to a plain text to-do list from those sophisticated to-do list apps. He actually switched to a tool called Todo.txt that also works on Android phones in conjunction with Dropbox for online sync.

Eight Lessons from the Life and Work of Jack LaLanne
Finally, we have none other than Seth Godin on what one could learn from the life of Jack LaLanne, whom Americans called the “first fitness superhero”. The article has some useful advice for business owners on how they should emulate some of Jack’s tactics in order to build a great company.

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