Getting Down to Goalsetting: The Freelancer’s Bucket List

Having goals is an automatic tendency for everyone – and the goals will be wide in range and scope.  What might be something you find not really worthy of being pursued another may envision as an ultimate achievement.  It is the achieving them that is the challenging part – although I’d argue that even sitting down to set goals is a larger challenge.  It should serve to be an offshoot of your to-do list…and once you’ve put them down and have them in writing, they’re a lot tougher to ignore.

The Freelance Folder blog put together a great post that not only outlines a few of the author’s “bucket list” items, but challenges the reader to come up with their own.  It’s an inspiring read and will hopefully serveto get you thinking about what you really want to achieve to live your life to the fullest.

The Freelancer’s Bucket List

Mike Vardy an editor on Work Awesome. We could tell you where his personal productivity parody site, Eventualism and all of his other projects reside on the web, but you'd be best served going to and following the trail of virtual bread crumbs from there.


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