8 Effective Productivity Tools for Writers

Productivity Tools for Writers

Writing your latest blog post isn’t as simple as it is to read others’ blogs. With a lot of research followed by a restless night and mugs of coffee, writers get the work done regardless of what they’re writing. It’s because, no matter what your topic, you’re writing something that matters. Let’s see how you can boost your productivity and become super-productive in writing.

I am not here to tell you about the yoga techniques or about the dozen of half-boiled eggs which can boost your health so that you can be more productive. Rather, I’d like to give you some sure-fire working tools which can help writers.


This is my 134th word of this article and still counting. I started using 750words.com which is really an awesome site to boost your writing productivity. The distraction-free writing area (If you are a Facebook addict, this can’t help you) can really make you writer better. The primary target of using this site is to write no less than 750 words a day.

If you do want to improve your writing skills, then you are obviously suggested to write something every day. This minimal tool keeps a record on what you’ve written each day. You are shown with a horizontal calendar on which you can see a checkmark on a particular date if you have completed writing 750 words on that day. And an empty box, if you write nothing.


Despite of how much you write, you must have a record of time that you’ve allotted to write and the actual duration of time which you wrote. This often happens to me. On average, I set an hour to complete my writing works and then do whatever I want. But it finally takes more than two hours which includes senseless conversations on Facebook, Youtubing and many more distractions. After I started using TimeDoctor, I can see how much time I’ve used to write.


It is so important to have a list of to-dos and reminders. Wunderlist is free software that will help you in this case. Earlier, I lost many of my writing projects due to my weak brains and now, I create a to-do of my each project and set a date to write it. I stay organized and so my work is. You can also create such lists using Wunderlist.


Pomodoro technique really helped in writing more content in less time. Pomodoro is a technique where you are given twenty-five minutes of time to complete your task. Once you start the clock, you can only step out after completing the task. You can also take short and long breaks in between if you really want. The countdown clock is shown on the screen which will keep reminding you that you’re on work and shouldn’t concentrate on anything else. Right now, I still have thirteen more minutes to complete this article.


You might have already known this digitalized version of a pocket notepad. Using Evernote, you can immediately pen down your ideas so that you can’t forget them later. This app is available for PC, Mac, Android, iOS, WP and what else do you have?


As we were first discussing about 750words.com, ZenWriter can be the so-called PC version of it. But it will not ask you to write 750 words each day. ZenWriter creates a distraction-free writing environment even for those internet addicts.

Once you run this application, you cannot open any of the other programs on your windows until you close this. This tool provides you an elegant working area with beautiful and changeable backgrounds and the sweet background music which come default with the software will keep you motivated and will help you in writing better.

Story Starters

We’ve all heard this before: To boost your productivity and writing skills, you must practice writing every day. But what should you write? At times, it’s hard to find a topic. Story Starters will help you in generating a random starting line for a story and based on that, you can start and complete your story. If you write stories, this is a bookmark-worthy tool for you. It’ll help you with more creative ideas every time!

Ginger Software

Most of the writers do make silly grammar mistakes unknowingly. And after they complete writing, they sit for proofreading and this is where most of the time is wasted. You can use Ginger Software which will correct your grammar mistakes in the article and help you with forming better sentences. Use this tool for proofreading just like before and you’ll find your edits taking much less time than usual.

Which other productivity tools do you use for effective writing? Share with us below!

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  1. MNB Achari on the 25th February

    Great list of productivity tools for bloggers, Koundeenya. 750 words does really help people get into the habit of writing. Zen writer finds the top place in my personal list as a productivity tool, especially for writing. I will give all the others a try.

    • Koundeenya on the 19th April

      I really love using 750 words. It helps me keep me in improving my writing skills and speed, too.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Cubicle on the 25th February

    The 750words site sounds great. I have been looking for methods to work on some blogs in things we have going or are looking to start and this might help.

    Thank you!

  3. Ed Wheeler on the 25th February

    A good list!

    WriteRoom, WriteMonkey and PyRoom are also programs that are free or low cost text editors that I’ve found can help out with distraction free writing….

    • Koundeenya on the 19th April

      Yes, Ed.

      I’ve actually heard of lot about other softwares, too. But, most of them are for mac and I use a PC. So, never got a chance to try them.

  4. HireMeHigherEd on the 26th February

    I use ZenWriter a lot, when I really need to focus and get work done. I wish it allows you to upload your own music however, that would be my only real critique.

  5. Ramsay on the 28th February

    ZenWriter is my favorite tool with distraction free environment and I use Pomodoro technique to effectively manage my time. Tried 750 words and its really good. Need to checkout other tools mentioned here.

    • Koundeenya on the 19th April

      Hey Ramsay!

      Try the other tools, too. I’m sure, you’ll like them. They help you in creating better pieces, everytime.

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. Warren on the 1st March

    I have heard of none of these before, but love the sound of 750 words! I just signed up but thinking it may have been a bad idea to start this Friday evening right before the weekend when I have very little time to write. 🙂

  7. Josh T on the 26th May

    I have Ubuntu Linux on my laptop, so I use PyRoom for distraction-free writing, but if I decided to have a laptop with Windows again, I will remember ZenWriter.

  8. sadhana c on the 29th June

    Great list! There’s also Q10 for Windows, it’s free and offers the same distraction free environment with a strangely satisfying typewriter sound for every key press!

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