How to Make the Most of a Small Office Space

Small Office Space

To have a happy, productive office, your space must be set up and designed to its greatest potential. A good workplace is something that is efficient and organized, on top of being comfortably work conducive. Having said that, a small office space does not have to mean a limited amount of productivity.

The following are 6 tips on making the most of a small office space.

1. Use color

Color can greatly affect the perceived size of a room and the mood of your workers. Paint your office space to fit the purpose and size of your business.

For a very small office space, avoid dark or very bright colors. One way you could paint the space is using a light, neutral color, like yellow. If you do this, be sure it is not pastel, which can wash a room out.

The other option is to pick a bright, bold color and paint two accent walls. Then, paint the other two walls a muted shade of that color.

2. Think vertical

For extra storage space, install overhead shelves in your office. This allows you to increase the functional surface area that you can work with.

Keep a small stepladder nearby to help with accessibility.

3. Clear pathways

In a small office space, every inch of the room matters. Just as clutter on desks can be distracting and make it harder to work efficiently, a cluttered floor space creates a poor work environment.

Not only do superfluous lamps or tables make the office feel smaller, they also make it hard for workers to move throughout the office. Remove any unnecessary furniture to open up the space.

4. Buy updated equipment

If it is at all in your small business’s budget, buy updated electronic equipment for the office. Of course, this does not need to be all at once; gradually update computers, printers, and even lights. You may even want to consider asking employees to bring their own laptops and getting rid of office desktop computers.

Newer equipment is much smaller than models of even just a few years ago. With an update, you can be free of drastic amounts of floor and desk space.

5. Individual file cabinets

Keeping projects, to-do lists, sales information, and other files on hand and organized is an important part of every office’s daily routine. In a small office where ultra-organization is key to successful operations, keeping documents stored and filed properly is incredibly important.

The best way to promote efficient work and make it easy for workers to keep files organized is for each worker to have separate file cabinets. A small file cabinet that fits under a desk or beside it at desk height allows each worker to have their files located within arms reach of their workspace.

6. Go multifunctional

As much as possible, use multifunctional furniture. For example, a cabinet of the right height can also be used as a standing workstation.

You can also have a small bench, ottoman, or side table with storage compartments. If you’re using a laptop, a cabinet with a foldout desk can be a good choice as your work desk if the height and size is comfortable enough for you.

Having a small office space or a home office shouldn’t be a big disadvantage if you know how to work around it. Follow these tips on making the most of a small office space and with some careful planning, the worth of your office can far exceed the measured squared feet. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Steve on the 12th July

    Good and useful posts.

  2. Leah Randolph on the 22nd October

    Especially when you have space limits, you can think vertical when it comes to storage solutions in your home office. Thanks for sharing these tips. Nice article, by the way.

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