Awesome Links #24: iOS Apps, Momentum, Habits Calendar

A huge list of iOS apps, the power of momentum, and sticking to good habits by using the Seinfeld method are just a sampling of what to expect in this week’s edition of Awesome Links.

90 Awesome iOS Apps for Freelancers

Our sister site, iPhone.Appstorm, has put together an incredible list of iPhone and iPad apps for freelancers — but those who don’t freelance should take a look at this list, too. A huge number of these apps are focused on enhancing your productivity and will help you get things done faster.

How to Harness the Power of Momentum

I came across this article, posted on Zen Habits by guest author Katie Tallo of Momentum Gathering, and couldn’t help but realize how important it is for every one of us to know when the momentum is building up and how to make the best use of it. No matter how hard-working and passionate we are, there are bound to be times of prolonged procrastination and laziness — and I don’t think that can be avoided. What we can do is get a lot of work done when we have momentum. That way, a bit of procrastination and laziness won’t hurt.

Getting Better at Bad: Why Practice Doesn’t (Always) Make Perfect

Skellie has written a thought-provoking article on her blog asking the question: Are you practicing just for the sake of practicing?  She argues that while you think you are getting better at your work when you practice, are you? It’s not about practice…it has to be intelligent practice. A great read.

5 Procrastination Strategies to Become More Productive

The MakeUseOf blog, which usually publishes pure tech articles, has deviated with this post — and in a good way. This post offers some great productivity tips and ways to curb a lack of productivity when procrastination sets in.

The Habits Calendar Is Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret “On Steroids”

Finally, Lifehacker discusses an innovative habits calendar that can help you practice and stick to a new habit, achieve goals and make life better. Worth a read — and for some it is perhaps a method worth trying.

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