5 Tips to Successfully Work Outside the Office

With increasing commute times and fuel costs, more and more people are considering the idea of working from home. The advances in computer technology have made this an option for many because of instant connections. You can stay connected with work so much more than just by phone these days.

If you can work outside the office, and have got the go-ahead from the boss, here are a few things that can help you transition smoothly.

1. Stay Focused

It can be life changing to work outside the office. You have to manage your work demands and prove that you can be productive. It can have positive and negative effects. Maintaining a positive attitude about your choices will also help to keep you motivated.

If you have children at home, be sure to let them know what your work schedule is and that they shouldn’t disturb you during work hours unless there is an emergency. Have an area set aside as your work area. This area should preferably be a dedicated office, but other areas can be used to so long as you have the space and privacy you need to work effectively. If there are other people at home while you work, consider playing some soft classical music that will drown out the noise they make but won’t be distracting to your work.

2. Stay Connected

How will your associates reach you? Do you have a well-equipped cell phone with text messaging? Do you have a reliable and fast Internet connection? Do you have video conferencing capabilities for meetings with coworkers and clients? Have you set up an online chat window? Associates need to be able to get a hold of you no matter where you are. You don’t want to miss out on any company news or possible business ventures with new clients because you were unavailable. Check in regularly to stay on top of work projects or issues.

3. Manage Your Time

Budgeting your time and sticking to a schedule is vital. This is very important if you have deadlines, and you need to get things done. Create a schedule and stick to it. When it’s lunch time, clock out. Take 30 minutes or an hour just like you would at the office. At the end of the day, look back at your schedule to determine what you accomplished and how your time was spent. If you find yourself spending too much time doing unproductive activities, cut those activities out and focus on what’s important. Set goals and hold yourself accountable!

4. Stay Energized

As you work outside the office, find ways to stay active: Join the gym, ride your bike, or whatever you want to do to exercise and strengthen you mind and body. There’s nothing like an invigorating workout. Even if it’s just five minutes of stretching or a quick walk around the neighborhood, it’s a great way to clear your mind. Keep your mind active and alert by taking little breaks every hour. Don’t just lock yourself up in a room all the time working. Socialize with others after hours or even during work hours so long as you stick to your schedule and still put in the time you should.

5. Get Support

If you feel like you need support or validation, then ask for feedback from your supervisor or boss. If working outside the office everyday isn’t practical, try going in a few times a week. Reconnect with coworkers and ask for support from them as well. If you could be more successful and productive with a particular project with the help of your coworkers, don’t be afraid to go in the office and get the project done there.

Working outside the office can be a great experience if you remain vigilant, determined, and grateful.

What tips do you have to work outside the office and still remain productive? Share with us below!

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