Wunderlist is a Brilliant Task Management Tool

There is no dearth of to-do list tools or task management services, but that doesn’t mean there’s no scope for innovation left in this area. That’s exactly what Wunderlist shows. It’s been some time since I have come across such neat to-do list software. Apart from sporting a beautiful interface, which lets you change its background colors, it helps you add and manage multiple to-dos effortlessly.

You can create lists and then tag your tasks with them, drag and drop the to-dos, and also work offline and sync the tasks to your Wunderlist account when you are back online. The software is available as a download for both Windows and Mac computers.

Task Management At Its Best With Wunderlist

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  1. Spreng on the 16th November

    I’m trying Wunderlist and I like it! I really love it’s clean UI.

  2. beekeeper on the 25th November

    Sweet application, it saves lot of time and the interface is really good. Thanks!

  3. Camille on the 12th December

    I totally agree! I’ve been using this for three weeks now, and I’d love to keep it forever! So useful, and so nice to look at!

  4. Marlon on the 9th March

    I have tried many task management apps before. Based on reviews online, this app seems to be really cool. I’ll try the Android version for my spare phone. My primary phone is Blackberry Bold, so it’s a bummer that BlackBerry got left out again.

  5. PO-COM on the 9th March

    Hmm… that word “innovation” seems to get tossed around a lot. As a creator of an iOS to-do list application, I can’t say I see anything innovative about this application, except for the fact that is free. And, free is not even innovative these days – it is just the standard seal of a company doing the whole startup thing (Free service, then attempt to monetize it when seed funding is drying up by making your private info public and sending ads to you).

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