EpicWin Combines an iPhone To-Do List with a Role Playing Game

Do you need a bit more motivation to get your daily tasks done?

Do you fantasize about role-playing while you do your household chores?

Does your real world keep you away from your virtual world?

Now you can bring them closer together, thanks to the brilliant folks at EpicWin.

EpicWin puts the adventure back into your life by providing you with an iPhone app that rewards you for completing your household chores; from washing the car, sending birthday cards, doing the dishes or going to the gym.  Gain experience points for doing your menial tasks, and maybe even find some loot.  Develop your character and stats based on the chores you complete, and if you’re lucky, your character might even develop into a CEO of Pain – or a Mage of Paperwork Mountain!

“Doing the laundry is an epic feat of stamina…”


EpicWin isn’t the first to try and merge a to-do list manager with a role playing game (RPG), and it’s not quite available yet.  If the hype about EpicWin has got you wondering why you aren’t getting experience points for doing your daily chores, you can check out Chore Wars or Booyah Society and then decide if EpicWin is truly an epic win once it finally arrives on an iPhone near you.

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  1. Rondal on the 15th July

    This app looks hilarious. Rexbox, one of the artists behind this project, is an immensely talented and humorous guy.

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