True Time Tracker is Dead Simple Time Tracking Software

True Time Tracker is Dead Simple Time Tracking Software

If you have been avoiding software time tracking tools because many of them take up too much time setting up, then you could consider using True Time Tracker. This free time tracking software can help you manage your time quite effectively.

Once you start it up, it hides in your system tray and tracks time without causing distraction. It will show the time you spend on different tools as well on various websites you visit during the course of a day. It can generate detailed reports that could be exported as a PDF file, and also has a built-in project management tool. The only (possible) drawback: it’s Windows only at the moment.

True Time Tracker

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  1. Kelly Hall on the 6th September

    Your time tracking tool does not have enough features. I suggest you try Talygen which allows you to track employee time and it is also available for iPhone, iPad, or Android smart phones. Wherever you are just login on your iphone and update daily work report.

  2. Cosmina on the 4th June

    I would also like to suggest Fanurio for time tracking: . Fanurio provides multiple methods to help you track time with little effort. You can track time manually or using timers. It also has a few reminders to help you start, resume or stop the timer automatically.

    Whether you forget to record time or you are not in the front of the computer most of the day, you can always record time manually.
    For more details you can also go to:

    I hope this helps.

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