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7 Ways to Kick Start Your Day

The way we start our day can strongly influence how the rest of the day goes. Whether we are concerned in making that first hour of the day the one that sets the tone or use the morning to create a great day throughout, we need to take the early part of the day to set up success for the rest of the day. Here are seven tried and tested ways that I use to kick start my day.
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Five Ways to Beat the Morning Slog

Morning Slog

As a self-confessed nightbird, I can empathize strongly with those who struggle to fight the waves of sleep that hit upon waking up, making the morning routine more of slog course than a stroll. It can become very tempting to stay in bed, but therein lies a vicious cycle entailing loss of productivity and sleeplessness. So, the solution I reckoned was to spend less time preparing to get ready, both mentally and physically.

Being a practical person, I identified the weak-points of my own routine, and can now offer 5 tips for those who want to make the transition from horizontally asleep to vertically awake (and therefore productive) much smoother. These can apply regardless of whether you’re a commuter to work, a freelancer at home, or just want to make more use of the precious hours at the weekend. Click Here to Read Article …

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