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5 Reasons No One Wants to Join Your Meetings

If we were on Family Feud and the category was Things People Complain About at Work, I would be willing to wager a hefty amount that Meetings would take the top spot.

Just the word “meeting” can get people’s blood boiling and quickly raise the tension in a room.

Originally meant to indicate a gathering of people with a common goal, meetings have taken on a connotation that suggests large amounts of wasted time and little productivity.

The thing is, meetings will never go away. We live in a world that is more connected than ever, and collaboration is a critical component of most successful business operations.

What can be particularly frightening is when you are personally responsible for planning and directing the meeting. No one wants to be that guy who causes people to groan when they get his meeting invites, so here are some common missteps. Avoid these and you’ll be nicknamed the Master of Meetings. Click Here to Read Article …

8 Tips for Effective Meetings

effective meetings

Most people I know hate having meetings.

Correction: They hate having unproductive meetings which have a single outcome of wasting everyone’s time.

However, done correctly, an effective meeting can get a lot done in a short space of time.

A meeting should have an agenda and a plan at the end of it, but what if you are not in control?

How do you make your attendance at meetings more effective? Click Here to Read Article …

Go to Meetings Prepared: 4 Survival Tips

Go to Meetings Prepared: 4 Survival Tips

The best way to go to meetings is to be prepared. No, I’m not talking about reading the agenda, doing “homework” or writing reports. I’m talking about some simple steps that will keep you in the game and save your sanity if the meeting goes bad.

I call these practices for effective meetings Carl’s Rules of Order: Click Here to Read Article …

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