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BridgeURL: An Innovative Tool to Share Multiple Sites

How do you go about sharing a bunch of interesting sites with a friend?

Sure, you can always copy paste the links in your email. But that’s not the most convenient and productive way to do it. Your friend wouldn’t want to click through each of them either — especially if there are a lot of sites. This is where BridgeURL can help.

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Awesome Links #4: Personal Empowerment, Smartphones, Location-Based Services

5 Strategies for Personal Empowerment in Difficult Situations

How do you empower yourself when there’s negativity all around? Lifehack has an interesting article that explores how to survive, even flourish, in such situations.

3 Productivity Tips for the Corporate Web Worker

Are you one of those fortunate ones whose boss has agreed to let you work from home? If that’s a yes, keep in mind that it won’t be as easy as you think. You could end up being less productive while working from home. Web Worker Daily aims to address this issue in their article.

Smartphone Comparison Chart

This brilliant smartphone comparison charts shows how the top smartphones stack against each other.

Why We Check In: The Reasons People Use Location-Based Social Networks

ReadWriteWeb has an intriguing post on why people broadcast their current location using location based services.

40 Sites for Finding Web Design Jobs

If you are a web designer hunting for a job, Vandelay Website Design blog has a comprehensive resource of 40 sites you could take a look at. Click Here to Read Article …

Awesome Links #3: Beating the Heat, Cool Home Offices, Custom Toolbars

How to Stay Fit (and Cool) Despite the Summer Heat

The countries in northern hemisphere continue to grapple with scorching heat. Ask me, I’m in India and you really don’t want to know what the summers are like here. Hence, when I came across this guide by Lifehacker to beat the heat, I thought it’d be worth a share. If it’s cold where you are, this guide could prepare you for the upcoming summers.

Professional Time, Leisure Time, and Wasted Time

The Simple Dollar explores what’s the difference between professional time, leisure time and wasted time and how to measure them.

15 Inspiring Home Offices

A nice collection of 15 home office setups by our sister site, Freelance Switch. Which one’s your favorite?

SEO: The Free Beginner’s Guide From SEOmoz

A super-comprehensive and brilliant guide to SEO for beginners by SEOmoz. If you are just starting out with SEO then there’s no better place than this guide.

Create a Custom Toolbar In Windows To Quickly Access Programs & Files

If you are a Windows user then you will find this guide to creating custom toolbars by Guiding Tech useful. It’s a simple trick really that could save a lot of time on a day-to-day basis and make you more productive. Click Here to Read Article …

14 Awesome PowerPoint Resources

PowerPoint is stressful, isn’t it? It shouldn’t be. There’s nothing special about it. You use it everyday. It’s just text, diagrams, and pictures. And yet it still manages to eat up whole hours of your time. You have to edit, review, and revise the same slides over and over for other people. You have to sit through hour after hour of slide-based meetings. And you’re probably not entirely proud of the slides you’re making or the slides your organization publishes, are you? Well, that’s just plain wrong.

In our ongoing efforts to bring you workplace information that is at least partially entertaining and very nearly useful, I am pleased to bring you the following presentation design links. Click Here to Read Article …

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