BridgeURL: An Innovative Tool to Share Multiple Sites

How do you go about sharing a bunch of interesting sites with a friend?

Sure, you can always copy paste the links in your email. But that’s not the most convenient and productive way to do it. Your friend wouldn’t want to click through each of them either — especially if there are a lot of sites. This is where BridgeURL can help.

The tool is simple. You can copy and paste all the site URLs you want to share into the text box on the site, give them a title, and it’ll generate one short URL for you. Not only that, but the sites are displayed in a slideshow format.  This makes it extremely easy for your friend to go through them one by one. The only drawback is if any of the sites you’re linking to doesn’t support iFrames. You can learn more about that at the service’s website — to circumvent any problem sending the generated bridgeURL, they recommend you test it yourself first.

There is no account is required, no need to sign up for anything and no need to provide your email address. It does one thing – and it does it really well. The simplicity factor is another bonus – easy to use and a stripped-down interface. BridgeURL is simply a great way to share a number of sites.

Share Multiple Sites With BridgeURL

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  1. Chris on the 17th November

    Awesome! This will come in handy for sharing options with clients.

  2. Marko on the 17th December

    I advise you also to try

    It offers instant page switching, possibility to re-route your links any time, any place, and a good list of other useful features that even twitter or bitly would dream about.

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