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3 Underrated Productivity Improvement Tools

All things equal, why are we able to focus some days better than others? Howcome we see a productivity improvement at certain times only?

It doesn’t make sense. You’re not being distracted and you’re trying to be productive, but your mind is simply cloudy. The conventional productivity tips aren’t working and you’re getting frustrated. Lucky for you, there is an answer.

Could there be more to productivity than writing a list and executing it? Could there be some indirect factors that have a much greater effect on our ability to focus on tasks than we realize? Click Here to Read Article …

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The Inconvenient Truth About Convenience Foods

For many over-worked cubicle dwellers, meals consist of Luna bars, Lean Cuisine lunches, and soups out of a can. Yup, that used to me, too. (And I admit that I sometimes still reach for a protein bar when I’m in a rush.)

But it’s better for you, your body, and your budget not to subsist on these so-called convenience foods. Anyone who’s seen the 2004 documentary Super Size Me knows about the horrific impact the McDonald’s drive-through can have on your health. Click Here to Read Article …

What Goes in Your Mouth Comes out in Your Reports

Many people don’t take into account the importance of a balanced diet let alone when it’s related to work. Employees often put work before health, drinking multiple cups of coffee or skipping lunch or dinner in exchange for more time to do those reports, never wondering about the effects these habits have on their health. I turned to an expert for advice.

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