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6 Ways to Maximize Your Carry-On Luggage Space

I was packing more items than usual into my 32-liter backpack and a small bag for a 2-week trip while chatting with a friend. Eventually she asked,

“How in the world do you think you’re going to fit all of this into those two bags?”

I told her not to worry and twenty minutes later I had my two bags ready. I must point out that I’m a far more “practical packer” than just about every woman I’ve ever met. But as airlines charge more and more for more limiting luggage allowances, even high-maintenance ladies might need some helpful tricks in packing a carry-on only — while still having a decent choice of wardrobe.

Just remember: depending on where you’re going it’s a good idea to leave some extra space so you can bring back some goodies.

1. Roll, roll, roll your clothes.

The old rolling trick saves lots of space, though some garments might need a little time to flatten out at your destination. Take each one of your folded garments and roll it tightly just before putting it in your bag so that you use every inch of space available. There are certain garments (such as dress cotton shirts) that cannot handle too much rolling or you will never de-wrinkle them — so lay those flat at the bottom of your suitcase then put your rolled up clothes on top of them.

2. Stuff your shoes up.

Each shoe has valuable space that can be used for storage. Place rolled up socks (or even your favorite bar of soap) inside your shoes and pack them back to back inside a shoe bag or in separate shoe bags; leather shoes should go in separate bags for better protection and stuffing them with socks helps keep their shape. High-heeled shoes are best packed in separate shoe bags so that, in addition to stuffing them with socks, you may also use the back of the heels to secure rolled up garments or fragile items.
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How to Deal With an Obsessive Compulsive Co-worker

Oh boy!  It turns out I have something in common with one of my favorite authors, David Sedaris: he too was an obsessive-compulsive child. I would rather have in common with him a list of successful books but (for now) I’ll live with this.  As humorous as I find Sedaris’s accounts of his obsessive-compulsive behavior, the disorder can be difficult for the sufferer and those around him, such as co-workers.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) comes in different forms. There are times when the sufferer would like to change his habits but unlike a person who simply has poor manners, the person with OCD might in fact need therapy to change the undesirable habits.  Still, at work there are times when obsessive-compulsive habits might actually come in handy: imagine a co-worker who is, without fail, always on time for all work commitments, someone who always double checks everything so that errors become rare in your department and your boss loves it!
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How a Notepad Can Let You Sleep Better

I’m told I worry too much, which does worry me. I mean, why can’t I stop worrying?  So I try to come up with practical ways of taking it easy on the worry front and one of the best solutions I’ve found is to transcribe my worrying to a notepad. I really like my notepads and I even leave one by my bedside.
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Review – ApolloHQ

ApolloHQ is an “integrated project and contact management” program for multiple users.  It is web-based and works on newer versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  I tried the program for several days and concluded that once little glitches are fixed it will be a good tool for freelancers working in teams and small business owners who want to have a fully hosted, online-based program (note that a single user version is in the works too).  That Apollo is online is great for those of us with good, high speed internet connections, which includes a wide range of users – unfortunately for this traveling freelancer it became a challenge to use the program when I found myself using a 2G connection with speeds still measured in KB. Click Here to Read Article …

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Pursuing Happiness

At one point way back when, I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life. But later on I found myself pursuing happiness rather than living happiness. That led to me searching Google for the answer to:

“What should I do with my life?”

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What’s on Your Music Playlist – Specific Situations Edition

Loud heavy metal used to make me get all my work done in high school and today I’ve no idea how I was able to think that way.  My brother calls me an “old geezer” since opera and folk are more of what help me focus and get work done —  though when writing I generally prefer silence.  Sometimes a few songs are sure to make me focus (or simply relax) so that I can focus, though songs with lyrics can be distracting as I always seem to pay attention to the lyrics.  In that case, electronica is the way to go. Click Here to Read Article …

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Billings Pro is Billing Software for Macs and iPhones

I’ve been trying out Billings Pro and I recommend the program to small business owners, including those with employees who telecommute or employees that are on the road often. Click Here to Read Article …

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Rational Plan: A Project Management Software Review

Rational Plan is project management software that focuses on project planning.  There’s a trial version that includes all features of the paid version except it limits the number of tasks to 20.  The many options and features available in the program show that the developers put a lot of thought into what every user would need and want in a project management software but the end result was a cumbersome program that has just too many things going on.  A user can plan every minute detail of every project and task, which is both unnecessary and time-consuming for the average user – the program might possibly be useful to project managers who need to keep track of every nail and screw and who have some time in their hands. Click Here to Read Article …

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