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Making Money Online — The Truth Behind the Hype

Making Money Online

Here’s a good question: Can anyone make money online? I found myself considering just this question recently when I saw an article re-tweeted in which someone had stated flatly that they had done all of the things they were “supposed” to do, and yet they had launched an e-book product and had zero sales.

Something about that didn’t strike me as quite adding up. Zero sales? Really?

I reviewed the post a few more times, because the thesis of the piece (which was pretty bitter in tone) seemed to be this: This person had done every single thing they could to make their launch successful, and it had not worked, and that anyone who promotes making money online, in essence, pulling a hoax on people. Click Here to Read Article …

Turbo-charge Your Career with an Expert Blog

Expert Blog

There are two types of personal websites you can set up to help advance your career and employment prospects. The first, simpler version is relatively easy to set up and its main purpose is to provide additional information to support your job application. I have already written about this here. The second type is an expert blog which is great deal more complex, but allows you to differentiate yourself much better – by positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

With this kind of website you have to be prepared to really delve deep into the subject area you are involved in – or want to get into. The objective is to make a name for yourself and become recognized within your industry. Click Here to Read Article …

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