How to Get More Freelance Writing Work

Get more freelance writing work

When I jumped headfirst into the world of freelance writing, learning how to get more freelance work was the most daunting task I had. I compiled a list of job boards I would check on a daily basis, but what I quickly learned was that my search couldn’t start and end there.

After several hits and misses, I began realizing that landing gigs in the freelance world relied on my ability to be unconventional, and my willingness to do a few things for free before pulling in a paycheck.

Here are tips I have created based on my own experience as a freelance writer:

Tip #1 – Guest blog.

One of the best ways to get eyes on your work is by writing for websites that already have a substantial following.

Guest blog for sites that allow you to put a bio and links to your other projects or websites. These may not be paying gigs initially, but they provide you with more links to your writing, a chance to build relationships with other people in the business, new readers to follow your work and the ability to increase your expertise in the area of your choosing.

Be picky and do your research. Use tools like those offered on to determine what a websites ranking is and whether writing for them will be worth your time.

Tip #2 – Don’t just rely on job boards.

Job boards are a great place to start, but they don’t always have an abundance of high-paying freelance gigs.

When it looks like the well has run dry, try seeking out the websites or publications you want to work for and pitch to them. Offer them links to your work and explain what you can offer them.

Not everyone posts their open jobs in a visible spot online, and sometimes they don’t even know they need a freelance writer like you — so it’s up to you to seek them out.

Tip #3 – Start your own website.

Every single freelance job I have ever been offered has been over the phone or through email — I haven’t had one in-person interview. This means I don’t hand over a freshly printed resume or typed-up list of everything I can offer. Instead, I direct them to my website.

Even if you aren’t incredibly tech savvy, you can still build a website that highlights all of your skills and offers links to your writing samples using the templates found on sites like in order to get more freelance writing work.

Tip #4 – Be visible on social media sites.

Most (successful) online companies already have an established social media presence, but freelancers look more attractive to them if they have the ability to market their writing through their own social networking channels.

Being an active social media websites also signals to a company that you are up on trends and you are aware of what people might be looking for — a key when it comes to writing effectively for the web.

Another thing to note about being active on social media sites: Some companies will post freelance opportunities on their own facebook or twitter accounts before they put them up on third-party job boards, so it might make sense to start your search there.

Tip #5 – Don’t discount having a day job.

I started a freelance writing career right out of college and I swore I would never work full-time for anyone else (clearly the freedom of a freelance writing career is hard to beat). But when I finally did branch out and accept a job as a community manager for a local newspaper, I was able to network and form relationships that have helped my freelance work substantially.

Sometimes working for another company can afford you the luxury of working solely for yourself down the road — after all, sometimes the best freelance jobs are found simply through word-of-mouth, but those relationships have to be formed first.

Tip #6 – Become an expert.

There are tons of great writers out there, but not everyone is an expert on money matters or relationships or solar energy.

Set yourself apart by becoming an expert on something you enjoy writing about and going after freelance gigs that will allow you to showcase your knowledge. This will put you one step above other writers while also ensuring your profits aren’t cut short by tacking on hours of research to each project.

What other tips do you use to get more freelance writing work?

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Kayla Albert spent two years plugging away as a freelance writer before taking a job as a community manager for a local newspaper. She enjoys writing about productivity and personal growth topics. You can also find her at


  1. Sabrina on the 27th June

    Any suggestions on getting started freelance writing?

    • Allie on the 26th October

      …those are some sites that might help.

    • Rand Fishkin on the 8th November

      Searching a gig on market listing sites is the easier way to find such real writing paying jobs that pay. If you look for good paying jobs, look at, and this is the case for me.

    • Anneke on the 3rd June

      Hi Sabrina

      I wouldn’t suggest going for the ‘content mills’ or low paying jobs. You might just get stuck working for that rate and not even get the recognition you deserve.

      If you have a specific area of interest you could start by sending pitches to websites specific to your niche. Ask them if you could write a job post, this might lead to exposure and more job opportunities in the future.

      Make use of and

      You are also welcome to have a look at my website, I discuss everything relating to freelance living.


  2. Marcos | Blogger on the 28th June

    No doubt start searching for jobs in forums it´s a great first steep. Good article.

  3. Fiat on the 28th June

    I started with freelance jobs some years ago, and it´s a fact that you can live just by working from home. And it´s a really good way to a better life.

  4. MaavCrusoe on the 28th June

    Nice steps! 😉

  5. Geek on the 28th June

    work as a freelance writer has its merits, but the great advantage of this are freelance times.

  6. Stacey on the 3rd July

    To add to Tip#4: If you join specific groups on, you will find job posts. I know this to be true for a lot of the copywriter’s groups. As to Twitter, you can also do random searches, e.g., enter #freelancewriter #jobs in the search box and job posts will come up as well. With Twitter, get creative with your hashtags when job hunting. You will find that all sorts of links to listings that come up.

  7. CDFlik on the 7th July

    Actually i’m on the Step 3, but i really like be on the step 6 🙂

  8. Freelance Writer on the 29th July

    To be a freelance writer is a great job.You can self publish your own stories.

  9. Freelance Writer on the 29th July

    You can self publish worlwide.

  10. small jobs on the 4th August

    There are many freelancer site where you can apply for the jobs just google it it helped me hope it will help you also .

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