How to Create a Healthy Balance in Life

create a healthy balance

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When you live and breathe your own company, it can be an all-consuming process. The line in the sand between work and play is very much blurred and it is therefore important to create a healthy balance between the time you spend on your growing business and the time you enjoy with family and friends.

A fantastic work-life balance is arguably the holy grail of the modern working man or woman. Being able to juggle your professional and personal lives is a skill in itself. If you are struggling to do so and are striving for a successful balance, here are a few ideas to help you put it into action.

Be prepared to ‘switch off’ from work

One of the biggest problems people have with their work is not being able to switch off outside office hours. It is important to be able to switch off mentally and take a step back to enjoy your free time with friends and family. It is crucial that free time really is just that and it doesn’t threaten your relationship with your partner and/or your children.

Regular exercise

Although everyone knows that regular exercise is very good for your physical and mental health it can be very hard to organize regular, convenient breaks for exercise. Join a gym or health club if possible or try and find a buddy who will motivate you to get out of the house. You may have a spare room that you could also turn into your very own home gym, allowing you to pump some iron from the comfort of your own home.

Become the master of delegation

In order to reduce your workload and give you necessary free time to unwind, you need to become the master of delegation and prioritizing. Prioritize your to-do list and ensure that important tasks get done and that other jobs are passed through the team to prevent you working long hours.

Be strict with your diary

It is vital that you are strict with yourself, particularly if your work diary is open to all to view and book up. Make sure you regularly block out hours of time for you to spend away from the office. Not only does this mean work will have to be delegated to others it also means you cannot book further work in yourself around these hours.

Avoid work communication in free time

Don’t get sucked into work during your free time at weekends or on holiday. Don’t be tempted. Turn off push emails on Blackberries and mobiles and make sure colleagues are aware that you will not be contactable for set periods, making it easier to switch off and focus on activities with your partner and/or children.

What other tips will you suggest to improve one’s work-life balance? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Surekha Chaudhari on the 13th June

    Not possible to each and everyone but I think cutting down on commuting time can help person in balancing the work and personal life. Just take my own example I live in Mumbai & need to commute for 2 hours daily for reaching workplace. That makes it four hours a day to and fro which is exactly half of my one days working hour.

  2. Coaching on the 16th June

    A good place to get started on your clean eating journey is to start putting more water into your body. We often underestimate the benefits of drinking water and even go as far as considering other liquids to be equivalent to drinking water. This myth needs to be put to rest! All liquids are not water and they cannot be used by your body the same way water can be. Juice contains sugars, coffee contains caffeine, milk contains fats and proteins, and the list goes one. All these need to be assimilated by your body differently than plain water does. Keep in mind that the body is mostly composed of water.

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