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An Organized Office = Organized Brain and Business

Organized Office

A few years ago I landed a job working for the writer-directors of a movie. They were young, laid back, creative guys, and tended to be a bit messy and disorganized with their own office and work. As a consequence, I modeled myself after them and let my own workspace overflow with — well, let’s just call it inspiration.

Instead of filing things away and keeping my area clean and shiny, I had piles of artwork and paperwork stacked on the desk, under the desk, in boxes. At first it was because I was genuinely too busy to get to it, and I’d come into the position in the middle of production, with lots of work already there that I had nothing to do with. Later, I rationalized that I more or less knew where things were and that having everything out meant that it was easier to access. Yeah, not so much. Click Here to Read Article …

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