7 Ways Millennials Are Changing the Workplace

Millenials Are Changing the Workplace

The Millennial generation is changing the way we look at the world. For one, thanks to emerging technology this generation is more plugged-in than their predecessors.

They’re used to surviving and thriving in an environment where social interaction is just a click, tweet, or status update away. This is changing the way Millennials view the 9-to-5 grind and their careers in general.

From social media policies to more flexible vacation options, it’s clear employers are taking notice and catering to these tech savvy candidates. And why not? After all, Millennials could be one great idea away from becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Every company wants to have a Facebook-worthy idea come in the door on the heels of a great Millennial candidate.

Besides, with Millennials poised to make up 36 percent of the work force by 2014 companies ignore these candidates at their own peril. According to estimates, the demographic will hit 80 million this year, making this ballooning generation hard to miss.

Here are just some of the ways Millennials are changing the workplace:

Bringing Along Friends

Thanks to social media, Millennial candidates are more connected than ever before. You might not have seen a high school friend in years, but you can still see their Facebook updates. This expanded reach can be good news for companies looking to tap into new demographics and communities. Millennial employees can expand a company’s reach by getting friends involved and interested.

Breaking Boundaries

Millennials are looking for a career with a side of adventure. As many as 71 percent of Millennials say they would like to work abroad. This might be why more companies are implementing flexible vacation policies. They know jet-setting Millennials aren’t content to sit behind a desk. They want to see the world and be inspired by what they learn. Companies from Netflix to Evernote are adopting unlimited vacation policies in order to attract more adventurous employees.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Millennials want the opportunity to create and lead. This is why so many startup companies you’ve seen in the news have Millennials at the helm. In a survey, 92 percent of 21-to-24-year-olds felt entrepreneurial education would be important to restarting the economy. While a surprising 30 percent of Millennials have already started their own business while in college.

Multi-tasking Superstars

With information overload, this generation has adapted the ability to multitask faster. In fact, Millennials switch their attention between media platforms an average of 27 times per hour. This is compared to the 17 times per hour multitasking of previous generations.

This means Millennial workers are great at juggling a diverse set of tasks successfully. If they can watch television, read an article, and then tweet about it; they can likely juggle multiple projects in the workplace.

Social Media Mavens

It’s no surprise that Millennials love their social media. For this generation it’s hard to think of a time when reaching out was more than the click of a button away. Social media technology has made it easier and faster to share details of your life and even share your knowledge with others.

Social media is an everyday part of life for the average Millennial employee. This explains why a staggering 64 percent of this generation asks potential employers about the company’s social media policy right in the job interview.

Employers aren’t far behind the curve though. Picking up on the importance of social media, more and more companies now use the online space to find and source great candidates. Candidates with professional social media profiles, industry-related blogs sharing top quality thought leadership, and attractive online portfolios are now at an advantage. This means sense, since a recent survey discovered 92 percent of employers use social media to recruit talent for their organization.

Visual Junkies

Millennials love the visual medium. They grew up around moving pictures and increasingly relate through visuals. This explains the popularity of image-heavy social networking sites like Tumblr and Pinterest.

It also explains why Millennials candidates are turning to video to enhance their resumes and even interview with potential employers. This is changing the traditional hiring process, getting recruiters and employers a more personal feel for candidates faster.

Looking for Meaning

Most importantly, Millennials aren’t just looking for a job — they’re looking for a lifelong passion. A recent survey showed Millennials value meaningful work, even over high pay. These candidates don’t just want to take a job because it will pay the bills. They want their work to have meaning and they want to make a difference in their career.

Millennials are changing the face of the business world. From hiring, to communication, to passion, these Millennials look at the world of work in different ways than prior generations. Most importantly, companies are taking notice because they know Millennials bring valuable skills to the table.

What ways do you think Millennials are changing the workplace? Share in the comments! 

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    I am a young man from this generation and I can confirm all of the above. Very nice article.

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