Top 7 Things to Create More Freedom in Your Business

Freedom in your business

Over a period of time a business ceases to be a passion and turns into a burden for many business owners. This is because giving more time is mistaken as a sign of greater commitment but in reality, it sucks all the freedom in your business. There are ways through which you can streamline your business processes to get more out your efforts in terms of the work done and the revenues collected.

Before you set out to do this, it is important for you to acknowledge the problem. Diligence is called for in business, but so is efficiency. You need not give hours of your time to an activity when you know there are better ways to handle it. Here is how you can earn more freedom in your business and enjoy your work more rather than feeling tied down.

1. Do not spend time on activities that can be handled by an assistant

As a business owner you have the onus of attending to greater responsibilities. Avoid activities that kill time while giving no tangible results. Hire an assistant to look into your communications and routine activities for you to concentrate on matters of significance.

2. Use the facility to communicate on the move

Technology allows you the freedom for you to not get tied down to a location when it comes to collaboration, interaction and communication. Use the technology available if you are not doing it already.

3. Delegate responsibilities

This is the first lesson for a successful business approach. Give responsibilities to people to exhibit their skills. Let your employees contribute!

4. Improve efficiency

Success is not dependent on how many hours you give to your business but what you are able to achieve out of that time. Do not give yourself the comfort of having all the time at your disposal. Challenge yourself and your employees into improving the work efficiency.

5. Go by a plan

This saves you time. Break all your activities into small work tasks to follow up on activities efficiently one after the other. Avoid killing time in irrelevant pursuits.

6. Be realistic in your result expectations

If you have been putting in a considerable amount of your time hoping for better results, try to avoid it. Focus on efficiency instead. Know your strengths and capabilities to avoid building unreasonable expectations. Do not push yourself and your employees towards unrealistic targets in order to avoid a possible burn out.

7. Do not micromanage

Just as delegation of tasks is important, so is your belief in the capabilities of your employees. Do not hire people unless you have confidence in their ability to handle the work you assign. Once you do, avoid the urge to micromanage. Save time and focus your energy elsewhere.

Implementation of a well thought-out strategy is important but at the same time it is necessary that you give time to innovation and strategy building. Innovation cannot be given a small time slot in your busy schedule. For that you need to ponder over things in peace when you are assured that your business does not need you to attend to the most basic of issues. Create such a space for yourself while still being active and hands-on in your approach towards your business.

How do you create more freedom in your business?

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  1. Dave Hall on the 18th May

    Some great tips there, I have found that people often struggle to get the happy balance between delegating enough but not just passing the whole business over to assistants.

    You can never lose sight of the fact that the buck stops here.

  2. Great ideas, I really agree with #7. I really hate to be micromanaged. I think as an employee I would be less productive on purpose.

  3. Fieby K. on the 24th May

    to Michael:Me too .I think that #1~#5 is very usable for me. Those are often the basis of the manager to manage with they activity. I should learn for it.I think that #5 (go by a plan) is my first step. Because I can’t hire a assistant for me. If I’m a owner it will be my first step to try the tip(hire a assistant).
    know how to do will reduce my work time.
    BE good at it!!!

  4. blanca on the 25th May

    Will, this seven strategies both are great. But I think first, you need to have a passion for work. If you don’t have passion how can we talk about the plans or efficiency.
    Sometimes the point is about what strategies can help you increase your work efficiency many times? I mean the point is on your mind not on what strategies can help you create more freedom. If you have passion and you can work heart, and if you work heart than the efficiency will be grow up ,so I think we just need to know how to create our passion on work, and we don’t need to know How do you create more freedom in our business.
    That just what I’m think~ : )

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