Can Good Looks Get You the Job?

In today’s job market, it is worth considering every advantage one can muster in order to increase one’s chances of landing a job. Study after study on factors considered by potential employers has indicated that one of the characteristics that is most valued and considered by employers is the level of confidence in the job candidate.

It is a simple fact of life that looking more confident can increase one’s chances of success, as people appear to be naturally drawn to people who exude confidence; this may be the reason behind the oft quoted maxim “fake it till you make it.” What may also be true is that having a good looks and physical appearance may lead to people having more confidence when they apply to jobs in any field, and that greater confidence may also translate into greater odds at landing a given job.

Will Good Looks Get You the Job?

Just about everyone knows that looking good is important when you are either looking for a job or applying for a specific job in an interview. People who dress nicely tend to get farther along in the interview process than people who aren’t, and regardless of whether people dress well or not, when they’re attractive, they tend to have more doors open to them than when they aren’t. Whether it’s fair or not is up to debate, but the results are unmistakable. This is even the case when a person’s knowledge is considered.

While knowledge is important, given the choice, most people would prefer to have good looks and attractiveness on their sides. Looking better means feeling better, and feeling better means acting better and providing a stronger first impression, which is key to securing any job opportunity.

There are a number of ways to increase one’s levels of physical attractiveness, even if some of those methods are only temporary. Millions of women throughout the country swear by daily use of makeup products to make their eyes brighter, cheeks fuller, and lips redder. Men may not wear makeup, but they certainly shave and groom themselves regularly.

Simply wearing a smile at an interview can make someone seem more friendly and even employable from a job creator’s perspective. Liposuction prices have decreased in recent years and has become an option for many people. Physical exercise is also a good way to tone one’s body and feel better about one’s self.


It is worth looking into one’s physical appearance if one has been having trouble finding employment lately. While looking good will not necessarily lead to dozens of job offers overnight, it has become more evident through scientific research in recent years that people who look better are more likely to find jobs.

Whether this is due to better looks leading to higher levels of confidence and self esteem or due to other factors that have yet to be explained, people who are looking for jobs owe it to themselves to do whatever they can to increase their odds of getting through the door.

So what do you think? Can good looks get you the ideal job?

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  1. Enrique Ramírez on the 25th May

    While I do agree that good looks are a key factor (not just being handsome/pretty, but also being clean, dressing properly and whatnot), I really disliked the liposuction line.

    Liposuction is dangerous, is quite often a lazy way of achieving something (like a shortcut) and will not accomplish anything if the person does not change his habits.

    Getting a job should never, ever lead someone to take unnecessary risks like surgery just to be more likely to get it.

    I can tell you, getting the job over someone “prettier” than you because you shocked your interviewer with your knowledge is priceless.

    • Nina on the 25th May

      Looking good always gives you a boost of confidence and I think it will help you a lot. Not just by looking pretty physically, like you said, being clean looking proper are definitely a factor.

      I do agree, there are a lot of risk in under going such surgery. But as you know, these days cosmetic surgery are quite common specially to those who are opting an easier way out.

      Knowledge is power. That’s the best weapon you can have.

      Thank for reading Enrique! 🙂

  2. 張晉瑋 on the 25th May

    As far as I’m concerned, appealing appearance does help on getting jobs
    but the reasons behind it are complicated. Firstly, most people like those who look nice, for they convey the messages of: comfort, healthiness and dependence. Secondly, in the current business environment, employers value their companies’ images, so without question, they’ll choose those whom might represent the best of their companies.However, what really matters and works in the future is a person’s ability.If one has no talent but good look, then he definitely loses his job before long; after all, appearance can be changed by acquired means.
    To sum up, though good looking makes one get hired more smoothly, nevertheless, it is not a guarantee of later success on the future road. Effort is what counts.

  3. Adam on the 25th May

    Liposuction to get a job? Are you insane? This is the stupidest and most dangerous advice I have ever heard on a site like this. How totally asinine.

    You should not be dispensing any sort of advice, you should seek some immediately.

    You just lost at least one regular reader of this site, and probably not the last.

  4. Suzie on the 26th May

    I would have to say I agree that good looks do translate to a certain amount of confidence that will make a difference when it comes to job interviews.

  5. Matt john Canty on the 28th May

    Yeah looks are very important in terms of looking professional and being nicely dressed in an interview but not Liposuction….That is very extreme just to get a job! Instead of wasting your time and money on liposuction/makeup spend it on training, getting more skills and a nice suit or dress for your interview and you will always get a job over someone with a eyebrow lift! A few key thing I look for when hiring any virtual assistant to work with our company- Good English, Makes it to the interview on time, good set of skills, good attitude and a good fit for the company overall. Dressing nicely shows you care and have a good attitude more than anything which is super important.

  6. jesstine on the 29th May

    Good personality add the points to be choose. Thanks to your article more are not in-motivate their self.

  7. LSC on the 30th May

    I think it should be the total package, meaning both confidence and brains. Looks for me is just secondary, but I have to say it will give you extra points for the interview if you are pleasing to the eyes. But then, someone really good looking with no brains isn’t something that companies would go for.

  8. SriGanesh.M on the 30th May

    Most time while gettting job – i am pretty clean, and in some case i ll go with my Jeans and t-shirt. and got jobs.
    they not only look into your apperance – they seek you attitude and ability !

  9. Naomi on the 1st June

    “While knowledge is important, given the choice, most people would prefer to have good looks and attractiveness on their sides.” I think as people mature and get older this becomes less and less true. Everyone wants to look their best, but most career-focused professionals don’t make it their life’s mission. Good looks aren’t forever for anyone, experience and knowledge are the constant.

    I’m also bothered by the liposuction reference. I also find it disturbing that women have a list of expectations and men in comparison here “shave and groom themselves regularly”. Be a professional, dress like a professional and let your confidence come from your experience and your achievements. No one can be young and attractive forever, but you’ll always have the values, the lessons and the triumphs you’ve gained over a career.

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