How to Pick a Career That’s the Right Fit

How much do you like your current job? Is it stimulating and satisfying career or is it just a. . .  job?

During this economic climate the last thing you want to do is waste time in a position that isn’t right for you when you can be developing skills for a better one. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to do, you may be stuck in the wrong place. Let’s explore how to pick a career that’s your true match.

When trying to determine your career path, consider your strengths. You are likely to excel in areas that you have a natural talent for. At this time you may not be too familiar with your strengths, as far as work is concerned.

Before you can figure out how to generate an income with your natural abilities, you’ll have to examine them.

Identify Your Strengths

First, you’ll need to identify the things that you do well. Consider the things that you have outdone others in or that people tend to call on you for help. You can be particularly athletic or have a knack for getting through to people when others cannot. Perhaps you’re good at resolving difficult conflicts or fixing electronics.

You have some kind of natural talent that you have to discover. If you need more time to contemplate it, make a list and jot it down as it comes to you. Don’t force it, as it might take some time. You might not even realize your special skill until after you have performed it, but it should be easily recognizable to you now that you have this in mind.

If you still need help, surf the Internet for ideas. Many websites offer assessments to help assess your career-oriented strengths. Others provide information on prominent skills for a certain industry or career path.

Once you have taken the time to identify your strengths, you’ll have a better picture of good uses for them. Then, you can turn them into a career.

Think about your job history to make note of the assignments that you did well on and enjoyed. Looking at your strengths and these assignments, see if they correspond with one another. You’ll want to get a position that allows you to do more of these kinds of tasks and less of the ones you disliked. Also reflect on the duties that you didn’t enjoy as much or didn’t perform as well on.

Obviously you’ll enjoy your work and gain a sense of satisfaction if your career exercises your strengths and skills on a regular basis. You already know what it feels like to be stuck in a job you loathe, that does nothing with your skills and emphasizes your weaknesses. So the goal is to discontinue that and change your course.

Knowing your strengths and the job duties that you enjoy you can begin a search for a career that lets you use and sharpen them.

Signs You’re on the Right Career Track

  • Better outcome – When you utilize your strengths, you are doing something that you’re naturally good at and the more you do it the better you become.
  • Improved productivity – When you’re doing a task that you enjoy you are able to complete it with ease and speed, allowing you to get more of it done.
  • Increased income – Improved productivity and doing a good job helps increasing income and betters the chances of getting promoted.
  • Satisfaction –  The right career will have you come home satisfied with what you achieved during the day at work more often than not. This will also give a boost to your confidence and overall happiness.

Now that you know how to identify your skills and strengths and are more familiar with the rewards of a new career, get started. There’s no point in putting it off further. Begin immediately so that you can start living the accomplished and satisfying life you deserve.

Have you picked a career that combines passion and work? Share your tips below!


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    well this is one of he best article of my life

  2. Andris Mursalim (林 義深) on the 20th April

    To make and have a right decision for our career , it’s does mean that related to your passion and your biggest dream, i mean “what do you really want?” ,”How bad do you want to changes your life”?, “What will happen if you don’t achieve your goal”? .
    if you can answer three of the this question with confidence and seriously, don’t wait..Act , Do it now .. Success is your right.

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