Bad Email Habits and Annoyances

We’ve talked about increasing email productivity and managing email overload in the past. But what about email habits? Do you think your message composing style could irritate some of your recipients?

Well, it looks like it could. At least that’s what Lifehacker’s readers mentioned when they were asked about the email habits they loathe. You’d be surprised to know that even innocuous words like “Cheers” in the email signature offends some people.

The post is definitely an interesting read if you care about the human psyche. And if you have any comments and thoughts on what you think are bad email habits and annoyances, let us know.

The Worst Email Habits and Annoyances You Should Avoid (or At Least Be Aware Of)

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  1. Whoa a very interesting read indeed!

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    I would agree with the annoyance on ‘sent from my…’. It annoys the hell out of me too.

    Besides that I think cheers is now mainstream. Many people use it, so I think there is no need to be offended by it.


  2. Colin on the 28th July

    I get really annoyed when someone doesn’t click “Reply-all” to an email when relaying information to get a job done. Especially when the guy needing the information to get the job done isn’t included in the reply.

    In one instance, a day or two later, I replied to my own sent email to find out the status of the info. Since it was holding the job up. And the user simply replied “I did reply. I just didn’t include you”.

  3. Ana da Silva on the 28th July

    I just can’t stand it when people don’t capitalize words or use punctuation. Even in an informal email I’m still the one who’s going to read it. It’s a lack of consideration sending a message that the reader has to decipher, on top of the potential confusion that could result.

  4. AW on the 9th August

    Sending the same email out within hours because you didn’t get a response as quickly as usual (usually I”m in a meeting or on vacation if this happens). Punctuation is a huge issue. People see email as an informal method of communication when I think it needs to be treated just as carefully as a letter.

    One problem i run into is people who don’t sign their email (usually not colleagues). I have clients who don’t always have their name in their email address (another pet peeve) and they don’t sign emails. If they are new and not in my address book yet I have to spend time figuring out who sent the message before i can respond.

    People have mentioned someone not hitting reply all but mine is when people hit reply all when not necessary. People in my company do this (our corporate office doesn’t know what BCC is….) when an email goes out about someone’s accomplishments. Seventy five people don’t need to get your email congratulating “bill” on an award.

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