The “Upgrade iPhone” Dilemma: Will You Be Getting an iPhone 4?

As the iPhone 4 prepared to hit stores today, I recall my Apple-obsessed boyfriend is trying to get me to camp out with him at the Apple store last night. I’m quite content with my Blackberry, thank you very much.

And after reading these tips from Geek Juice on Smartening Up a “Dumb Phone”, I’m starting to wonder whether I need a BlackBerry at all. Still, it seems like it would be simpler to use my smartphone’s browser than “googling” things via text message (Google and I are BFFs – I probably do several dozen searches per day).

What about you current or prospective iPhone users? Are you on the yearly “Upgrade iPhone” cycle? Will you be jumping on the faster, shinier, newer bandwagon or sticking with your current phone?

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  1. Kory Gorsky on the 24th June

    After months of salivating over the iPhone 4, I took a timeout and actually tallied up how much I’ve paid for my cell phone plan over the past year.

    After I woke up from my short blackout, I started looking on eBay for my trusty old Sony Ericsson w810i. Bought one for $60 and cut my phone plan down by half.

    I still have twinges of tech-lust whenever I see an iPhone 4 article on a blog, but hey who wants Yellow Spots and Loss of Signal While Holding Your Phone…. ok, maybe me.

  2. Tim Gane on the 24th June

    Maybe it’s just the geek in me, but my next phone in all likely hood will be an Android based phone or another Blackberry. I’ve never been super impressed with the IPhone’s capability when Blackberries offer Blackberry Messenger Service, and well Android speaks to the geek in me. :o)

  3. Azizur Rahman on the 24th June

    I am not a Apple-obsessed person but I do have an iPhone 3Gs and yes I have the OS4 update already. It upgraded it self other day when I plugged it into my computer.

    I am able to reply email to friends and family on the go. It gets the job done for me, so not looking get an iPhone 4 yet. The FaceTime feature is enticing but sadly most of my family don’t have an iPhone so not worth it, for now at least.

  4. Tomek on the 24th June

    i’m a laggard, i don’t get the very 1st edition. So I waited for the iPhone 3G, passed the 3GS and am now going to get the 4th Version… just because I use my iPhone tremendously but my battery only lasts 8 – 10 hours so the new battery upgrade and thinner design is whats driving me to get this ( not to mention faster proc).

  5. Terence Hoaglund on the 24th June

    I won’t be, at least not anytime soon. I have the 3GS that I got a little less than a year ago, so I am not eligible for an upgrade anyway. I will be updating the software on it though, so that is close enough for me. The Iphone is way better than my old blackberry.

  6. Lyday Creative on the 24th June

    I don’t want to sound mean here, but I think WorkAwesome needs to think about their posts more in a quality vs quantity way. I feel like there’s been a ton of these short posts that don’t really serve anything but a question. I would love to see more posts with substance. Not tiny posts every hour. I prefer FreelanceSwitch’s way. Just my two cents.

    • Mike Vardy on the 24th June

      Doesn’t sound mean at all. To be fair, though, we’re not posting every hour. We post 4 times per day, maximum.

      We’re still playing with the frequency of postings here at WorkAwesome. It’s been about 6 weeks in terms of experimenting, and we’re looking to strike a balance of posting too much, too little and just right. I suppose you could call it “The Goldilocks Experiment.” We are getting a lot of reader feedback that is constructive – applying to the stories in particular but also general comments such as yours.

      The format is going to be tweaked for a while, so I hope you’ll be patient with us…and thanks for the feedback!

  7. Brett Yanoski on the 24th June

    I was ready to upgrade but after hearing all the problems today I may be waiting a bit longer. Yellow bars, spots on screen, loss of signal when holding the antenna bar….some of these problems just shouldn’t be happening.

  8. Ashley Hill on the 24th June

    Hell no.

    I’ve had a Crackberry for several years and love them (first the Pearl, now the Bold). While I also have an iPod touch, I don’t use it at all for work stuff, and I hate touchscreen phones.

    Plus, anyone see the new iPhones and the dropped calls?

    While I’ve had AT&T for 8 years and never had a problem, Apple needs to fix that issue.

  9. Damon on the 24th June

    My wife and I both have the iPhone 3G, which is working or just fine for now. We’re also not upgrade eligible until February, so I figure I might as well wait until iPhone 5 arrives by that point. Another annoying thing is that AT&T doesn’t have service in both our parents’ home towns, so when we visit I can’t even use it. I’m hoping for service with Verizon by iPhone 5. I know I may be holding my breath, but I can still hope.

  10. Anthoney Carter on the 24th June

    I was one of the lucky ones to receive my iPhone4 yesterday afternoon. I love it. I have been testing out all of these so called problems with it and haven’t been able to find the same hiccups – including the infamous dropped calls from holding the phone wrong.

    There’s nothing that’s not fascinating about the new iPhone4. Apple is continually paving the way for new and exciting technological adventures for not only smartphones, but all of personal computing. No matter how much the anti-Apple people would like to think that their own personal favorite phone/computer company does things better than Apple, they neglect the fact that regardless of service and specific software, Apple is the front runner and key point of reference in developing not only new technology, but the key ingredient to Apple’s success – their ability to create things that are user friendly and downright beautiful to look at while still being entirely functional and even easier to use. Even the “we had did it first” argument tends to fall by the wayside for the Android users now with Apple implementing previously accomplished technological feats in a more feasible and user-friendly way.

    Having an iPhone makes my life easier— not only my personal life, but my work as well. I enjoy seeing Apple continuing to make things new and fantastic and I have no problem with them rolling out a new front-line of products every 6 months. If they weren’t, we’d be somewhat behind technologically. And who wants that?

  11. Hasan Luongo on the 24th June

    Yes, def upgrading and a bit ticked off that missed the presale and now have to wait a few more weeks for my new iPhone. However I don’t get each new version, currently I have a 3G which was my 1st iPhone and the new model represents a huge leap in terms of features and power.

    This new release is a big one and i think we will see some amazing sales numbers from Apple over next 2-3 quarters. i was quite surprised to lean that this model has twice the ram as 3gs and ipad, which is a bummer for iPad.

  12. Jennifer Margulis on the 24th June

    Honestly, I don’t think I like these phones. My husband has one and I feel like he’s always on it instead of where he is. On the one hand, they are AMAZING and I totally want one. On the other, iThink iHate the iPhone

  13. I have a Nokia E71, and I will stick with it. I do not see a reason to upgrade/change my mobile, as it is meeting my requirements.


  14. Thera on the 25th June

    I ended up buying one (because my client kept borrowing the one dedicated to development) which forced me to stick with it because it locked my sim card, so I could no longuer use my Nokia, so I think I’ll wait for the upgrade unless I can budget one for a development project.

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