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Lowering Carbon Footprint, Increasing Productivity: From Paper to iPad

I’ve been a big proponent of using paper to plan out projects as well as tasks, but since picking up an iPad I’ve been shifting back into electronic organization.  I still love having a pen and paper handy, but I’m starting to find that with the right tools in play electronically I am producing more efficiently and effectively.  It boils down to a few things, really: Click Here to Read Article …

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Ars Technica Explores iOS 4 in Detail

We asked you if you are considering new iPhone 4. Whether or not you go for the new device, if you own an iPod touch or an old iPhone, you got to upgrade to the latest iPhone operating system, called the iOS 4.

Why do you need to upgrade? Well, the new OS that Apple launched along with iPhone 4 has some amazing features. Multitasking, ability to create folders, creating playlists directly on iPod/iPhone, iBooks and much more.

Tempted, already? Check out Ars Technica’s super-comprehensive iOS 4 review. Probably the best one among hundreds of such articles out there.  (If you are an iPod touch user, check out Apple’s page on what the iOS 4 update means for you.) Click Here to Read Article …

The “Upgrade iPhone” Dilemma: Will You Be Getting an iPhone 4?

As the iPhone 4 prepared to hit stores today, I recall my Apple-obsessed boyfriend is trying to get me to camp out with him at the Apple store last night. I’m quite content with my Blackberry, thank you very much.

And after reading these tips from Geek Juice on Smartening Up a “Dumb Phone”, I’m starting to wonder whether I need a BlackBerry at all. Still, it seems like it would be simpler to use my smartphone’s browser than “googling” things via text message (Google and I are BFFs – I probably do several dozen searches per day).

What about you current or prospective iPhone users? Are you on the yearly “Upgrade iPhone” cycle? Will you be jumping on the faster, shinier, newer bandwagon or sticking with your current phone? Click Here to Read Article …

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