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A site like this isn’t just fuelled by readers like yourselves — it’s also due to the support we have from our awesome advertisers. We take the time to show our readers appreciation through regular Follow Friday shout-outs on Twitter and the like, so we’re going to take the time here to show our gratitude to our advertisers…

Every time I pull out my MOO mini-card holder (which is hard to miss because of its flashy orange hue) I’m asked where I got such cool cards.  When I tell them I made them, they’re shocked. Then I confess that I kind of made them, largely in part to the tremendous folks at MOO and their easy-to-use card generation service. Check out all of the products they have to offer at their site. Simple and stylish card creation — and more — is just a click away.

Our thanks also go out to our other advertisers:

Thanks again to all of our supporters for helping us keep this site as awesome as it can be!


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