Awesome Links #36: Mac Apps, Fitness, Getting More Freelance Work

How I Train: Fitness for the Everyperson
If you read Zen Habits regularly, you would know that its creator Leo Babauta likes to talk about his fitness and exercise routine. IAnd to think that just 5 years ago he was in terrible shape. In this post, he talks about his past and then about how he made himself fitter and healthier. Inspiring to say the least.

Fifteen Ways to Enjoy Your Work More—Whatever You Do
The FeelGooder blog has a great post which has some useful advice on how to really enjoy the daily grind at office — or wherever you work. Some of the tips are common sense while some — like doing your toughest work first — are something that not everyone knows about (or, more likely, implements).

My Essential Mac Applications
Boing Boing’s Mark Frauenfelder lists his essential Mac apps in this series of posts (Note: The above link lands on part 5 of the series; he links to the previous posts in this article, too). That means there’s a list of 25 useful Mac apps that the author felt he had to install on his new Mac shortly after purchasing it in order to be more productive. If you own a Mac (or are planning to buy one), I suggest you bookmark the post for quick access.

6 Tips for Keeping Your Remote Team Motivated & Happy
It’s not easy when you are working with people around the world remotely. The lack of face to face interaction can sometimes take its toll. This post at the Web Worker Daily blog offers some practical tips on how one can keep a remote team motivated to produce great work each day.

110 Ideas to Get More Freelance Work and Generate New Client Leads
Our sister site FreelanceSwitch offers a huge list to get new clients and more freelance work. If you go through the list, you’ll find that it has something for just about everyone and not just hardcore freelancers.

While you’re at FreelanceSwitch, check out the only hand-moderated job board built exclusively around the unique way freelancers find work right here.

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  1. Julie on the 8th April

    Thanks for the links! Leo is a great source of information. I learn a lot from him by reading Zen Habits and with the interview he did for my blog, Inspired to Write. I am also a Mac user! 🙂

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