Free PowerPoint Template – Wooden

There aren’t a lot of great free templates for PowerPoint. In fact when we decided to compile our list of 20 Free PowerPoint Templates That Don’t Suck, it was pretty hard work finding them!

So I thought I’d start a little series here on WorkAwesome of some free templates from old projects of mine, or quick ideas I have. I whipped up the first today which is a simple wooden background template, and you can download it below. Of course if you want super high quality templates and don’t mind paying a bit, you’ll find some great stuff on GraphicRiver’s PPT Templates category.

Anyhow here is today’s freebie!

Download Free Wooden Powerpoint Template

The Download (5Mb) includes a Powerpoint PPT file and a Photoshop PSD file of the background. The font is Century Gothic which I think comes free on most computers.

The wooden texture is courtesy of Bittbox and you can grab an original, unmodified copy on Flickr here. If you decide to redistribute this file for some reason, we’d appreciate a link back to WorkAwesome so we can build some awesome SEO rankings! And finally here are some preview images of what the template looks like, enjoy!



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  1. Lizzie Smithson on the 30th November

    Great free template! I’ve hated the PowerPoint templates that are free! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Collis Ta'eed on the 30th November

      Thanks Lizzie! It’s pretty simple, but hopefully sorta useful 🙂

  2. Julian on the 17th April

    Thank you. Simple but awesome! Love it.

  3. George on the 18th April

    There is nothing creative about a powerpoint template. That software should be eliminated.

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