Awesome Links #20: Evil Apps, Halloween Playlists, DIY House Decoration

Welcome to the special Halloween edition of awesome links. Happy Halloween!

5 Free Halloween Music Playlists for Your Monster Bash
Searching for some spooky tunes to add fun to your Halloween bash? Looking for music that puts you in the festive mood? Mashable has a list of five free music playlists specifically created for Halloween. The playlists are from top online music services like Slacker Radio and Pandora, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. Just hit play and enjoy!

10+ Awesome Geeky Halloween DIY House Decoration Ideas
Here’s a cool article by the MakeUseOf blog on Do it Yourself (DIY) house decoration for Halloween. The collection has a mix of scary and geeky stuff like sensor control, sound displays, scary paths and more.

The Best “Evil” Apps for iPhone
Halloween is the time to break the rules and let loose your evil side. So why stick to the rules that Apple made for the iPhone? If you’re an iPhone user then this Lifehacker article will show you some apps that could break certain restrictions imposed by Apple on iPhone users, and hence add more cool functions to this awesome device. Check them out!

The Best “Evil” Apps for Android
There’s no reasons why Android users can’t be playfully evil with their phones when iPhone users can. There are plenty of cool apps, some still under the radar, which can add absolutely amazing features to your Android device. And Halloween is the best time to make use of them. This article, again by Lifehacker, has all the information you need.

7 Tips to Help Protect Children from Halloween Food Allergies
And finally — on a serious note (okay, just a bit) — here is some advice on protecting children vulnerable to food allergies during this festive occasion. This in-depth article by Psychology Today talks about various steps, like educating children about food allergies, having an adult by their side when they are partying and other such useful information to help you take care of your kids while they enjoy Halloween.

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  1. Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach on the 31st October

    I love holiday-related articles! The liquid light idea was awesome.

    Can I add my own Halloween-related posts:

    7 of the Top 10 Funniest Halloween Marketing Safety Tips

    The Top 7 Dramatically Appropriate Halloween Costumes For Bloggers and Solopreneurs

    I had quite the fun time writing them, hope you enjoy!

  2. Lutz on the 2nd November

    I just opened the “Evil App” post in my rss reader and it showed an ad for world of warcraft. Guess that is some kind of a hint 🙂

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