The Key to Forming a New Habit

Abandoning an old habit and forming a new one isn’t easy. Unless you really enjoy the new habit, it’d be very hard for you to form it. That’s what Leo Babauta of Zen Habits believes.

His article talks about why the most important thing in forming new habits is to simply enjoy them. He goes on to say that you should try to choose habits that you love. I found myself agreeing more with the second point where he mentions that even if the habit isn’t something you like, you should focus on its enjoyable aspects. That makes sense.

So, for example, if you don’t like waking up early, you could focus on things like a walk in the cool, fresh air, or an early morning game of badminton or tennis with friends. That could definitely help you get up early and form that habit.

The Importance of Enjoying the Habit

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  1. Ghaida on the 18th August

    Taking up new good habits is as difficult as quitting bad habits. Unfortunately my vice is procrastination, and lately it’s becoming quite difficult to simply “start” a project, and at the same time it’s difficult to stop once you get started so what ends up happening is leaving everything til the last minute then having to pull all-nighters.

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