Memo:Random #10

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N.C. Winters is always drawing. When he isn't making comics, doodling or working as a freelance graphic artist, he spends his time painting pretty pictures for galleries from his home studio in sunny southern California.


  1. Luce on the 17th November

    hahaha Oh Great!
    Good monday morning everyone!

  2. Adi Ulici on the 17th November

    Really hilarious one :))
    I like the last one : “I think I’m blind” :))))

  3. Rondal on the 17th November

    That was funny considering I just finished a detox last week. Didn’t really do anything though. I’m starting to wonder is there really is such a thing as a bacon-cheeseburger detox deluxe… hmmm.

  4. Sean Carter on the 17th November

    It’s so funny! Working in an office is such a melting pot for pet peeves and general disagreement!

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