Memo:Random #17

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N.C. Winters is always drawing. When he isn't making comics, doodling or working as a freelance graphic artist, he spends his time painting pretty pictures for galleries from his home studio in sunny southern California.


  1. Daan on the 12th January

    Looks like.. Creative License guy!

    Is he going to get a new life here? Would be awesome.
    Nice comic N.C.!

  2. Stephanie Lewis on the 12th January




    Did you spy on my office? Seriously, I bought my department nerf guns to relieve stress. I really did. It was great.

  3. Rondal on the 12th January

    Haha, that’s great! Funny, but true.

  4. Skellie on the 13th January

    Describes the Envato developers to a tee!

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