What’s Your Favorite Work-Themed Movie?

One of the things I like to do in my spare time is catch up on movies. In an art-imitates-life fashion, there are oodles of office-themed movies in case you haven’t gotten your fix of life in the workplace.

The classic workplace comedy is, of course, Office Space – which has a huge cult following. But Nine to Five is one of my personal faves (anyone who’s ever had a toxic boss will laugh hysterically at the “kill your boss” fantasy sequence). Then there’s Working Girl, Wall Street, and Clockwatchers.

What are your favorite workplace movies? Anything else I should add to my NetFlix queue?

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  1. Murlu on the 15th June

    I really like Boiler Room – its very much like Wall Street (even has references) but has a darker feel to it overall.

  2. rorschachdesign on the 15th June

    Office Space is a classic, @Murlu–Boiler Room was awesome too.

  3. Thera on the 15th June

    I can’t think of any office-related movie, but on top of my head, my favorite office-related tv show would be the sadly short-lived “The Job”, it’s just hilarious.

  4. Troy Peterson on the 15th June

    Office Space. Definitely Office Space.

    I think it hit the nail right on the head for anyone who works in a cubicle farm or corporate office like that. 🙂

  5. Matt DeHart on the 15th June

    Having worked as a server (waiter) for years, I can say that “Waiting” was a great depiction of what it is like to work in a full service restaurant. It is a little over the top; for example, under no circumstances have I known someone who would mess with someone’s food. For the most part, though, it depicted that type of work environment perfectly: the cooks hate the servers, everyone hates the management, and the servers hate everyone. Since we can’t take out our frustrations on our tables we take it out on everyone else.
    Everyone gets tables who “apparently” have never heard of tipping. Everyone has gotten stiffed. Restaurants have their own lingo: 86, the line, wait-stations, rushes, double/triple sat, # top, sections, rotations, cuts, etc. After work is over every likes to just chill and kick it. It’s a great movie and anyone who has worked in that environment before should be able to see the correlations between the two.

  6. Jaffa Brown on the 16th June

    It has to be the M.J.Fox classic from the 1980’s….

    Secret of My Success

    Yes, its cheese, but a great story of side stepping the office rubbish and politics, and take control. Plus a great soundtrack – its a winner

  7. WebGuide4U on the 16th June

    While working i hate movies will prefer to listen songs so that i can motivate my self and work more and more

  8. Macron on the 16th June

    Swimming with Sharks (1994)

  9. Simon MacDonald on the 16th June

    Office Space is the hands down winner for me. I often give it as gifts to friends as it is easy to find in $5 DVD bins.

  10. Nick Campbell on the 16th June

    Trading Places!!!!

  11. David Vazquez on the 16th June

    Office Space.

  12. Gregor McKelvie on the 16th June

    Mr. Deeds. Adam Sandler is the best :o)

  13. Ana da Silva on the 17th June

    “Office Space” is awesome!

  14. Thera on the 17th June

    I’m sensing from this thread that I really ought to see Office Space 😀

  15. Maya on the 21st October

    Employee of the Month

  16. nkb on the 12th January

    glengarry glen ross.

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