Blogging Advice for More Prolific Writing

Like in any other trade, there are certain methods and tricks a blogger could follow to blog more productively and efficiently. Here are six quick nuggets of blogging advice to increase your writing output.

1. Writing tools

Since 70-80% of blogging is creating content, a blogger needs to know how he could write in less time without compromising on quality. Hence, making use of some power writing tools is suggested.

2. Control Email Usage

Most of the bloggers frankly confess to being addicted to email. We’ve covered managing email overload before and those tips should help.

3. Write Every Day

Write every day. No, you don’t need to publish every day – but write every day. That helps you stay in the flow and also, it ensures that you have an oversupply of articles. Check out this nice article by Daily Writing Tips on how to write everyday.

4. Delegate When Possible

Your blog is your baby but if it’s getting too overwhelming to manage it, it’s time you bring in other people. That’d be good for your blog as well.

5. Avoid Information Overload

Bloggers need to consume more information than the average internet surfer. It’s a part of what they do. And hence, they need to take extra care to avoid getting buried under information overload. Check these tips to avoid information overload.

6. Enjoy the Process

Lastly, blogging is fun only when you enjoy doing it. If you worry too much about things like traffic, reputation, competition and all, it won’t be fun anymore. And then, no matter what you try, it’d be really hard to execute tasks productively.

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Abhijeet Mukherjee is the editor of Guiding Tech, a blog that publishes in-depth articles and tutorials on all things tech, including mobile news and tutorials. He's been into web working since 2008 and continues to enjoy each day of it. He loves to interact with people so hit him up on Twitter.


  1. Hi,

    Great tips for bloggers and writers.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi,

    Great tips for bloggers and writers.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Jonas Brauer on the 21st August

    Nice article and links! Especially I liked the tip about writing everyday. Definitely something that I will pick up.

  4. Carl Natale on the 22nd August

    Good advice. I agree whole-heartedly with #3 – Write every day. Make it a habit.

    Thank you for sharing the advice.

  5. life in a pink fibro on the 31st August

    I don’t have trouble with the writing, but the tips of managing email and information overload were very helpful. Thanks!

  6. Rosemary Price on the 5th September

    Thank you for supporting me in using pencil and paper!!

    Maybe it’s my age or my worklife experience, but I can write down an appointment, a contact, a brainstorm idea, a reminder much faster than my counterparts can get out their pda, fumble with finding the correct category, blah, blah, blah.

    I’m energized now to write every day. I need some creative writing classes maybe.

    Thanks for sharing, I’m forwarding on your message to my contacts.

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