Productive Kitchen Gadgets #1: The Microplane

In an earlier article, I touched upon fast cooking tips for increasing productivity in the kitchen. Kitchen gadgets have become increasingly prevalent in this day and age – and we all know how much productivity-types get into their gadgets!

The first kitchen gadget I would like to feature is the microplane.

A microplane is a serrated metal device with a handle. It is similar to something you probably grew up with in the kitchen; a grater. But the microplane is much longer and thinner than a typical grater and is much easier to handle.

A microplane allows the chef to easily grate garlic, ginger, hard cheeses, onions, or even chocolate for a dessert. It is also great for zesting which means grating the skin or outer peel of a citrus fruit such as a lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit.

Using a microplane prevents you from having to use a knife to chop up the food and also gives you a uniform amount of shaving each time. Once you use one of these versatile gadgets you’ll wonder what you ever did without one.

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  1. Hi,

    Great productivity gadget!

    I never heard of a microplane before. Where can I buy one?


    • Bob Bessette on the 13th August

      Hi Nabeel,
      You can check out any kitchen store and I know Amazon carries them as well. You certainly won’t regret purchasing one. My wife uses ours every day.


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