Productive Kitchen Gadgets #2: Enameled Lemon Squeezer

In an earlier article, I touched upon productive kitchen gadget #1, which was the microplane. In my house, we love kitchen gadgets. There are so many products out there that have sprung up in recent years that can really add to your productivity in the kitchen. It is in this series that I will highlight a lot of these gadgets that can simply make your kitchen life a whole lot easier and more productive.

In this post, the kitchen gadget that I would like to feature is the enameled lemon squeezer.

Now, this isn’t your old-fashioned outdated lemon reamer. This is a brand new design, that makes it extremely simple to get your juice right where it should go; into your food. There are a number of versions of this squeezer that are in different colors. There is one that is green that is a bit smaller that is designed for limes. There is also an orange one that is a little bit bigger that is designed for oranges. You could simply buy the biggest one and use it for all three fruits. We actually own both the lime and the lemon squeezer. I use the lime squeezer for my drinks that require fresh lime juice. My wife uses both of them as she uses a lot of lime and lemon in our nightly cooking.

To use it all you do is slice the lemon or lime in half and place it in the bottom concave portion of the squeezer. Then, you simply apply pressure on the handles and squeeze the top convex section into the concave section. The bottom portion of the concave section has a series of holes that the juice travels through and into your measuring glass or right onto your food. I think the best feature of this gadget is that there is no mess involved and the juice gets to where you want it to go.

This simple kitchen gadget, with its revolutionary design, is one that we use nearly every day. Once you start using it I’m sure you will find it as productive as we do.

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  1. Mark on the 18th August

    This is essential for us, we love it, it drains every ounce out of that lemon/lime!

  2. Denise on the 15th February

    Counld’t live without mine- Especially when we have cook seafood, we squeeze that lemon over everything. I love gadgets that make cooking easier / less time consuming!

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