Review: TeamWox — Get Your Office on Track

Being organized is integral to your business’s success. While this can be done by running a productive office, sometimes the aid of software can do more than any well-organized boss can. TeamWox, a cloud-based collaboration software, aims to do this for you. From organization, to quick document access and more, this program will keep your business on track and your employees in the loop.

The Necessary Details

So, what is TeamWox exactly? As a cloud-based enterprise management system, TeamWox Groupware is an easy way to store and access your documents, service desk, tasks all in one place. Located on the cloud, it’s easy to download, maintain and access at all time. If you’re working with out-of-the office employees, travelling a lot, or simply need a safe place to keep all your important documents, this is a great option for you.


While there are a slew of other collaboration software options on the market for a busy and growing small business, they often tackle one or two organization factors. TeamWox stands apart from the crowd by addressing a number of important aspects of your business, making it all-inclusive. With 11 modules and 4 advanced applications, it’s a well rounded business assistant that’s perfect for every employee.

  • Pricing: The greatest benefit of the program effects the smallest businesses. If you are operating with 10 users or less, you can purchase the software for free – and renewing from there, as long as you stay within the 10 user limitations, is also free of charge. If operating with a larger group, you can take advantage of the free two month trial period SaaS Version; fully functional with unlimited users. From there, it starts at $3400 and goes up as more users are added.
  • Modules: There are modules for each aspect of your business, making it a great tool for everyone involved. The HR module collects all employee information – from paperwork to contact information, photos and more. Other modules, such as the Task Manager, Document Management and CRM, aim to make sharing and collaboration a simple and efficient process.
  • Advanced applications: Not only do you get everything included in the TeamWox software, but you can visit their website to download some extra features. Most recently, TeamWox has added their phone system application with IP PBX. After a simple setup process you’ll be well on your way to having overall intra and outer office communication.


While the software offers an extensive online database that is beneficial to every single person within your company, there is one small drawback. After reviewing the software, found a small, but potentially important loophole in the system.

They suggest, “If you’re going to use an all-inclusive software suite to make all of your business and personnel decisions, you need to know that there aren’t chunks of information people are keeping off the servers dedicated to TeamWox.” If you hope to get your business on the same page, collaborating on the same cloud, this is an important aspect to consider.

Luckily, it can be an easy fix if addressed at the start. Ensuring that your team spends time getting all the important information uploaded and accessible, will be the first step in avoiding this. For further maintenance of the all-access sharing, you may consider putting a rule in place that all documents must be immediately uploaded to the cloud; this can ensure that everything is where it should be.

Final Thoughts

If you’re running a busy business, being organized is integral. Having software in the cloud not only provides you with easy access to any important document at any time, but it makes collaboration a simple task on the day to day.

With full access to this vast software program, the entire company, including employees working from home or overseas, can be involved with every aspect of the business. So, if you have a growing company that needs organization to stay on track, be sure to invest in TeamWox and get everyone on the same page.

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