Working Like A Great Chef

A good chef can make great meals out of top-shelf ingredients. But great chefs turn average, ordinary produce into delicious dishes. Anyone can throw a filet mignon on the grill and end up with a great meal; the challenge lies in who can impress their customer with the less-prized cuts; the blade steak, the shoulder steak or the rump roast.

Are you the type that needs the very best resources to produce great work? Or, are you the kind that can turn limited, low-cost resources into a fantastic end product?

Great work is easily done with a big budget, the best technology, and a generous timeline stretched out in front of you. But, are you the “Jack-of-all-trades” that can maintain the same quality of work under more pressing conditions? If so, consider your work truly great.

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  1. Colin on the 12th June

    Being IT in this economy requires you to do exactly that. If you can’t cut your costs then you’ll most likely be cut.

  2. Jeff Hilton on the 13th June

    I have a small web design firm and we often do projects on shoestring budgets. We just cant do any project that we aren’t proud of, so we tend to always be trying to do great things on the cheap. Its nice to think of that as being a “great chef” instead of a bad salesman (sold it too cheap) 🙂

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