How to Have a Productive Day by Working Remotely

Have you ever noticed this? Sitting in the confines of the office stifles creativity and productivity. So the next time you want to be more productive, go on vacation. Just explain to your boss that you will be working remotely, and book the next flight to Los Cabos. All you need to pack is your smartphone and laptop.

Start your work day immediately, while driving to the airport.  Dexterously answer calls while stuck in traffic.  At the airport terminal, settle in with a Starbucks coffee and read email messages.

5 Ways to Stay Productive by Working Remotely

Here are some cool tips and tools you can utilize while you’re working at a vacation:

Sign Documents with the Vignature app

If you get an email message requesting your signature, sign electronically with the Vignatureapp for iOS or Android OS.  The app allows for you to open a PDF attachment, and “tap to sign.”

Pay for internet access and keep on working during the flight – you did fly Virgin Airlines, didn’t you?

Record your thoughts with Evernote

Check into a hotel with internet access.  Politely decline the complimentary (alcohol-laced) welcome beverage.  Instead, go on a beach walk and take your smartphone.  The exercise and fresh air will stimulate your mind.  Brainstorm as you walk, vocalize your thoughts, and record them with the Evernote app.

Organize your thoughts with Toodledo

Back in the room, play your Evernote clips, and begin the task of organizing your thoughts into actionable items.  The Toodledo app can help.  It provides you with a way to create tasks, prioritize them, and organize them into folders.

Conduct remote meetings with GoTo Meeting or Skype

If a meeting is on your to-do list, sign up for a free trial of GoTo Meeting, and invite guests to join you online.  You can even share your computer screen with guests.  Or, meet by Skype and share your stunning ocean view.

Collaborate with Dropbox

If collaborating on a file is on your to-do list, make sure you have Dropbox.  Imagine having a file cabinet at your office, your co-worker’s office, and one that is tethered to you – and that all of the contents in the file cabinets are updated with the latest files, and they are easy to find.  That is what it is like to have Dropbox installed on your devices.  It makes file sharing easy.

Take a break

Hungry?  Take a break and feast on a high-protein meal.  For instance, try fresh local red snapper rubbed with chili, garlic, fine herbs and roasted tomatoes (at Maria Corona).

Before you retire for the day, clear your mind with a dip in the pool. Get a good night’s sleep knowing that you have had a productive day.

Know before you go

All of the abovementioned tools have free versions.  Many of the apps work from multiple devices.  Go ahead and install them on all of your devices before you go.

How do you go about working remotely? Got tips to share?

Image by *~Dawn~* via Flickr.

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Kelly Spradley, Cofounder and CMO, Vignature


  1. Adam on the 31st August

    Great post. Straight to the point with good tips and resources.

    I firmly recommend the use of Toodledo. It has helped me organize my life despite many other methods that I have tried having failed. And definitely use the “Goals” set-up tool. It is very powerful, yet simple. It brings your tasks in alignment with you true goals, which facilitates prioritizing and getting things done that you truly find important.

  2. Nathan Gilmore on the 31st August

    Yup, just worked a few hours at Starbucks. A change in scenery can really help creativity and productivity. I put on some music with headphones and can really get in the zone. This really helps eliminate distractions while getting energy and allowing for more focus at the same time.

    Great Article!

  3. Chris on the 1st September

    Nice tools. Me myself use dropbox and skype.

  4. Gary on the 4th September

    For me its all about dropbox and evernote. I run a distributed team and these app transformed our workflows.

  5. Priacta on the 28th October

    Excellent post Kelly! Have been using skype, Dropbox, Toodledo and the evernote apps and have tremendously benefited from them. The thing that I really liked in your post is the last pointer; the high protein diet. Certainly, something all of us need no matter what kind of work we do.

  6. James Tiet on the 15th October

    I myself use all the tools which you have posted, great post

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