The Value of Workmates: Do You Need a Work Buddy?

I came across this interesting article a few days back discussing how to get more done with a work buddy and how he or she can help you stay on track.

I agree with most of the points mentioned, especially the one about collaboration. I have found that when I collaborate with people on projects, I can get more work done in less time. While there can be some loss of time in communication (although solutions keep cropping up on the web, such as Google Wave), I have found it to be a productive exercise.

A work buddy can keep an eye on you when you procrastinate, help you solve problems and motivate you during difficult times.

So, what do you think? Do you need a work buddy?

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  1. Matt Jones on the 22nd June

    I need a work buddy 🙁

    The corporate work setting I’m in does allow communication with my fellow developers, but we are still very isolated. I’m not sure how to enable type of relationship when we are working on separate parts of the code at all times…

  2. mikeo on the 22nd June

    i’d love to have someone to work with – i am alone at my current job. really tough sometimes when i need to bounce ideas off of someone and the people here look at me like i have 3 heads when i start to talk nerd. oh well. i’m sure at some point i’ll have co-workers.

    good read thought thanks!


  3. amiyumi on the 22nd June

    I love the idea of getting a work buddy, it’s perfect!
    I’m very happy that i already found one..^^;
    we do share our ideas, understand the work of each other and the most important thing is we respect each other.

  4. Ashley Hill on the 22nd June

    Work buddy…what a great idea.

    I work from home, and have my boyfriend and roommate home all day as well…so getting things done is somewhat of a challenge. I think I need a work buddy, at least an online one, to bounce ideas off of and keep me motivated.

    Ideally I’d love to share a small office with someone, but that’s in the distance when I can afford it.

  5. amiyumi on the 23rd June

    you can share them with me ashley ^^; i’d love to here your story!

    i saw your site, it’s awesome!
    i’m a web designer too… me and my buddy both worked together as freelancer.

  6. Ashley Hill on the 23rd June

    Hey Amiyumi, what’s your email/website? Let’s start chatting!

    • amiyumi on the 23rd June

      that’s cool! ^^;

    • amiyumi on the 23rd June

      let me see.. i found your skype on your site.. let me add you.. ^^;

    • amiyumi on the 23rd June

      and also i liked you on facebook. ^^;

  7. Brad Jones on the 26th June

    I would really love a work buddy too. I am in this business by myself attempting to get things going and it is not always easy coming up with new ideas, staying motivated, or keeping yourself on task. A work buddy would be the thing to really make a difference for sure.

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