The Power of Preparedness

With the end of the year rapidly approaching (I know – seems just like yesterday that we were ringing it in) pretty much everyone is taking into account what he or she did achieve in the year speeding by and what he or she hopes to achieve in the one speeding towards us. The time of year is upon us where we take stock on we’ve got and (some of us) fill stockings hoping to give someone something they haven’t got.

(Personally, I’m hoping for a nice LiveScribe pen in my stocking, so I’m hoping I haven’t been too naughty this year…)

So during all of the hustle and bustle that comes at the end of every year, you’ve got to also start thinking about the year to come. There is no better time of year to prepare for what is to come than now. Certainly life is busy, but with so little time left in the year and a good week of holiday time coming your way, you need to capture that holiday spirit and take the time to figure out where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Or better still, where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

As the dawn of a new year approaches, resolutions are the norm for most people. We all know that most of those are obliterated within the first month – if they even last that long. Since resolutions only work as well as those who implement them, I propose if you’re going to make a pact with yourself in the coming year, you perhaps give yourself an “invisible assist” by referring to it as the following:

New Year’s Evolution

As time passes by, we all evolve in some form or another. Whether it be through our work ethic, career goals or personal aspirations we all change a little each year. It’s a natural process – and depending on how your life is going – it can be natural progress as well. Evolution is a force to be reckoned with; no one can stop it. If you are aware of your own evolution you can influence it in a positive manner. Since you can’t stop it, you might as well make it work for you.

However, if you feel that even the forces of nature alone can’t propel to you to a more prosperous and productive year then it’s time to get serious and go to war with yourself and take a stand. That’s when a simple resolution needs to become:

New Year’s Revolution

You’ve tried time and time again the traditional methods of kicking things into gear come January 1. They’re not working. You need an overhaul, and the only way to do this is to dig deep and engineer a revolt against your old pattern – or patterns. You need to rebel against your own evil empire. This will involve a strong plan of attack and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Adjustments will be everywhere, but if you’re up against the very walls you’ve surrounded yourself in (or cubicle, such as the case may be), you’ve got little choice left. You have to do this and leave no soldier behind…except for the one who simply wasn’t pulling his or her weight. Only then will you be able be in the trenches and have the year you deserve. Essentially by capturing the flag, you’re freeing yourself.

Sitting down and preparing for what you want to do going forward is a daunting task at any time of year, this time especially not withstanding. I contend there’s no time like the “time you get a present.” Doing so now rather than later is the best gift you can give yourself. While this season can be stressful and busy, you also spend most of it with family and loved ones. They’ve got your back and are a great support system and sounding board for the planning you’re going to be doing. That’s right: going to be doing.

Take a day during your time off leading up to the end of December. Just one day. Clear the decks and make it your day to tap into the power of preparedness. Review the year gone by and visualize the year to come. Dig deep into yourself and reach out as far as you can go. Don’t limit yourself. There’s no point in adding boundaries since we can’t fully prepare for what’s to come anyway. You might as well prepare for the ultimate than the absolute. If you do it right, you’ll inspire yourself during this process – which will fuel your vision for the future.

I challenge all of you to prepare yourselves for a great 2010…and I challenge you to do it well before 2009 has gone. It’s a great journey, but it can be even greater with proper preparation.

Mike Vardy an editor on Work Awesome. We could tell you where his personal productivity parody site, Eventualism and all of his other projects reside on the web, but you'd be best served going to and following the trail of virtual bread crumbs from there.


  1. Anne on the 16th December

    Planning that day off right now!

  2. Aleksandar freelance on the 25th December

    I belive more in New Year’s Evolution approach, too.

  3. John David Bravia on the 16th October

    such a nice tips if we started following this definitely we will forget to enjoy the life…


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